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Armed robbery involves the apparent or actual use of a deadly weapon, which makes it an incredibly serious charge in the eyes of Alexandria law enforcement. Armed robbery cases are just a breath away from being homicide cases, so they are prosecuted severely by the court system.

If you have been charged with such a crime, it is important that you contact an Alexandria armed robbery lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will be able to help effectively reduce or dismiss your charge by gathering all necessary evidence and building a strong defense.

Proving Armed Robbery Charges

To have the accused individual convicted of armed robbery, the prosecutor must prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Armed robbery includes all of the elements of robbery, but with the use or alleged use of a deadly weapon. If an individual is found guilty of an armed robbery in Alexandria, also known as robbery with a deadly weapon, the penalties include long-term imprisonment in the Virginia Department of Corrections, as well as the loss of constitutional rights. The defendant may incur fines and probation in addition to imprisonment. The maximum penalty for such a charge is life in prison.

However, an experienced Alexandria armed robbery lawyer may be able to negotiate the charge down to a lesser crime. When there is a question about how a weapon was displayed, whether there was a weapon, or when the alleged victim’s belief that there was weapon was not reasonable, an attorney may be able to negotiate for a reduced charge. There are a variety of factors in determining whether an armed robbery case would be negotiated down to robbery.

Building a Defense

An Alexandria armed robbery attorney will prepare an armed robbery defense in the same way that they would prepare a defense for a robbery case. The attorney will interview witnesses, build the factual scenarios that the client has drawn up during investigations, look for video, and review the police reports. All of these elements will help build a good case.

There are many nuances that a person should consider when hiring the right attorney for their case. It is important that locality of the attorney factor into the decision because local lawyers, who practice regularly in that jurisdiction, will understand the nuances of the jurisdiction and what types of evidence is favored, among other factors.

Taking a Plea Deal

The client and their attorney will review the evidence and applicable Virginia Sentencing Guidelines for felony cases, and the variety of other factors that go into making a plea decision. After that, the client will decide if taking a plea deal is the best decision for them.

Importance of an Alexandria Armed Attorney

After being charged with armed robbery, an individual should look for a criminal attorney with experience handling felony cases, especially robbery cases in that jurisdiction. These offenses are serious, so the long-term liberty of the accused is at stake. It is important to put that type of case in the hands of someone that has handled similar cases before and who can put their experience and that talent to work for the accused.

Any time that an Alexandria armed robbery lawyer can find an advantage, they are going to try to exploit that advantage. If the attorney has handled more cases, they know what nuances to look for and the elements of the offense that are ripe for challenge. They may also know prosecutor strategies and law enforcement strategies that could benefit their client.

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