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Even when the violation of a school’s code of conduct does not equate to a criminal offense, that does not mean that a charge for misconduct at school is trivial. Students who have been convicted of any form of misconduct might face severe repercussions including expulsion, along with the blemish on their academic record that might make entering the working world much more difficult.

If you are a student and have been accused of any a code of conduct violation, an Alexandria student defense lawyer might be able to help. By enlisting the services of a seasoned defense lawyer, you could rest assured knowing that skilled legal counsel is working tirelessly to protect your rights.

Common Code of Conduct Violations

In Virginia, there are a handful of common code violations committed at schools such as Northern Virginia Community College and  Virginia Tech’s Alexandria Campus. While some are these violations are more serious than others, any conviction might make it difficult to graduate and tarnish a student’s reputation as they enter the professional world.

Because of the variety of violations and the school-specific penalties for each, a student accused of campus misconduct might benefit from speaking with a knowledgeable Alexandria student defense lawyer.Some of these acts of misconduct include underage drinking, academic misconduct, and sexual misconduct.

Underage Drinking

Perhaps the most common code of conduct violation is for underage drinking. Alcohol-related violations that end with a conviction often lead to eviction from campus housing and the potential for additional penalties, dependent upon the school’s specific codes and the nature of the incident.

Academic Misconduct

Less common – but often more severe in the eyes of many Universities – is academic misconduct. Ranging from improperly citing a paper and plagiarizing an idea to cheating on a test or forging a transcript, academic misconduct might permanently tarnish the reputation of a student.

Even if the violation is not severe enough to lead to expulsion, students who have been found guilty of academic misconduct might have to explain these circumstances to interested employers years after they have graduated. Naturally, this might lead to difficulty obtaining a job, especially in a competitive job market or when applying for a prestigious position.

Sexual Misconduct

Perhaps the most severe allegation in Alexandria college cases is for sexual misconduct – such as sexual harassment. Unlike many other campus violations, these claims often go further than just a school’s code of conduct and implicate the federal civil rights law under Title IX.

This law ties a college’s federal funding with how it handles claims of sexual discrimination, including sexual misconduct and harassment. Due to this statute, as well as the general severity with which these cases are treated, an Alexandria student accused of sexual misconduct might consider contacting a hardworking student defense attorney about their legal options.

Defending Against Accusations of Misconduct in School

An accusation of a disciplinary violation in school may be a detriment to a student’s ability to gain meaningful employment after graduation. More immediately, it could impede or even prevent their ability to graduate. Challenging an accusation of misconduct, therefore, is an investment in the future.

In some cases, the evidence against an accused student faces might come solely from someone’s testimony. Challenging this  – by, for example, highlighting the context surrounding the claim of misconduct – might be an effective way to prevent an allegation from ruining a student’s reputation and prospects.

Speak with an Alexandria Student Defense Attorney Today

Violating a school’s code of conduct and facing disciplinary violation is no small matter. If you were accused of misconduct on your campus, you might benefit from reaching out to an Alexandria student defense lawyer about how to proceed.

A diligent defense attorney could help to assess the circumstances of an allegation and work to build a proper defense. To learn more about how you might protect your rights, call today.

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