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Impact of a Virginia DUI Conviction on Insurance

Typically if an individual is charged with a DUI in Virginia, the insurance will be affected negatively. Insurance companies look to insure drivers who pose the least risk of making a claim, and therefore people that are involved in DUI driving activities or DUI accidents are likely to pay a higher premium eventually from the insurance company. An insurance company may also choose not to insure someone with a DUI conviction. If a person has simply a DUI charge, however, it may not have an adverse impact on the insurance because it depends on the nature of the insurance company and the policies.

Effect of a DUI Conviction on Insurance

Typically, a person’s insurance in Virginia can be affected by a DUI conviction in a variety of ways. First, an insurance company may decide not to insure a person anymore. Certain types of companies do not prefer to insure high-risk clients. Other insurance companies have no problem with insuring a high-risk person, but they will charge a significantly higher rate.

In addition, the Virginia DMV may require a person to obtain certain types of high-risk insurance, if  convicted of a DUI. This high-risk insurance is known as SR-22 or FR-44. Depending on the nature of the offense and the type of restrictions, a person may be required to submit a certain type of high-risk insurance or improve the insurance with the DMV within a certain time. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will notify a person as to what type of insurance that person must obtain during what time period. Some companies don’t offer these high-risk insurances, therefore a person will have to go to a different company to obtain car insurance and certainly the high-risk insurance will cost more.

Circumstances Where An Individual May Be Dropped From Coverage

It is important to read the nature of an insurance policy if an individual is concerned about the insurance coverage options. Most insurance companies have the ability to drop an insured individual for certain causes and that cause may be the accumulation of driving offenses due to accidents or insurance of a serious driving offense, such as a DUI or DWI. It is important to check a person’s policy, but many times a DUI offense, certainly a conviction, could result in the insurance company denying service and dropping someone.

Role of a DUI Attorney

Virginia DUI attorneys, rarely if ever work directly with insurance companies to preserve a person’s rates or negotiate rates. That is the job of an insurance agent or an insurance adjustor. What a DUI attorney will do is minimize a person’s criminal exposure which would of course affect one’s insurance.

Insurance Information For the Attorney

Typically, it is not necessary to bring insurance information unless a person has specific questions about how he or she may be affected by a DUI charge. If a person does then submit the information, then the attorney can analyze it with them and discuss whether or not there may be some exposure.

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