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DUI Classes in Loudoun County

If you are convicted of a DUI related offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as in Loudoun County, you will be required to complete certain statutory DUI classes. The primary DUI education program in the Commonwealth of Virginia is the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, also known as VASAP. The VASAP program is a statutory requirement for anyone who is convicted of an alcohol related driving offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia, including DUI. There are a wide variety of ways that you may encounter the VASAP program and a wide variety of types and classes that you may have to undergo. The class you have to take depends on the nature of the offense and prior offenses and the results of a VASAP evaluation. A Loudon DUI lawyer can help you navigate all of the options and requirements of this program.

Mandatory vs. Optional DUI Schools

If you are found guilty of a DUI in Virginia, the completion of DUI classes through the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program is mandatory. Similar courses are mandatory for out of state drivers.

If someone is placed in the VASAP program they must complete their class in person. The programs are not available online.

Although the Commission on VASAP allows for the participation and the signing up of the class without a Court order, its completion is typically only accomplished through a Court order. But, although an individual needs a court order to complete VASAP, they can sign up in advance if they choose.

Management of Courses

The Commission on VASAP has delegated the authority for the appropriation and the administration of the VASAP program to local semi-governmental agencies. These agencies are not a part of the local town or the County or County government, but they are also not completely independent and private either. The local Commission on VASAP establishes these different agencies.

In Loudoun County, the agency is known as Bull Run ASAP, located on South Loudoun Street. Bull Run ASAP also has an office in Prince William County, and these two offices form the entirety of the Bull Run ASAP system. Fairfax and other large counties may have one ASAP office for their constituents.  More commonly, however, VASAP offices common a multi-county region. For example, Arlington and Alexandria share a VASAP program, and some other regions have one chapter for many counties.

Educational Materials Used

A DUI course follows the curriculum established by the Commission on VASAP, which includes videos, lectures, and group and individual sessions. It also includes a variety of course materials that are gone over and explained throughout the reports. The most introductory level of VASAP course for first-offense DUI participants in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a 20-hour, 10-week course known as the education track. The education track is also used to show presentations and facilitate discussions regarding alcohol and driving and how this behavior must be avoided at all costs.

DUI Group Therapy Activities

If someone is ordered into a group session, there may be a variety of different group discussion tactics used to encourage participation, knowledge, and education in the group setting. These would be conducted by experienced alcohol and drug abuse counselors. A wide variety of issues are addressed during these group sessions through round table discussions, interactive modeling, and behavioral correction discussions.

Victim Impact Panels

In addition to the VASAP program, if you are convicted of an alcohol related offense in Loudoun County, you will be required to attend an additional alcohol education class called a Victim Impact Panel. The Victim Impact Panel is a one-time, two-hour course put on by the local chapter of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Completion of the Victim Impact Panel, as mandated according to local procedure, is supervised by the local Community Corrections and Probation officers (CCP).

Traffic School in Place of  DUI Educational Programs

Completing a Virginia DMV Driver Improvement Program course after a DUI stop, arrest, or conviction does not have any impact on your VASAP requirement. A DMV Driver Improvement Program simply acts to restore points that a driver may have incurred as a result of a DUI conviction. DUI convictions in the Commonwealth of Virginia carry a negative six points for a period of eleven years. A driver can take a voluntary Driver Improvement Program course to restore five of these points so that part of their penalty is mitigated to great extent. However, the Driver Improvement Program course does not act as a substitute or otherwise supplement the requirements of the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program.

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