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The United States Constitution supports the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. That right is conditional, though, and under certain circumstances can be taken away. The states are held accountable in establishing and enforcing any gun laws relevant to that right. For example, Virginia gun laws necessitate that those who possess and carry concealed firearms also own a valid permit. Carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, or committing other violations of the state’s gun laws, may be deemed criminal offenses. Such offenses can incur to misdemeanor gun charges. Charges of violating Virginia gun laws mean you should contact a Leesburg gun lawyer as soon as possible.

Leesburg Gun Lawyers Handle These Cases

Several laws explain who can own, possess, or carry guns in Virginia. These laws also elaborate under what conditions a person may do so. Our gun attorneys assist those accused of violating these laws. Commonly prosecuted Virginia firearm offenses include:

Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Mandatory minimum sentencing accompanies a conviction for this offense. Carrying a concealed gun without a permit. Although a misdemeanor for the first offense, second and subsequent offenses are considered felonies.Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Another is a felony offense with mandatory minimum sentencing, this charge is separate from a felony in which a gun is brandished or used.

Virginia gun convictions involve significant jail time. This is the case even if you commit a crime of gun possession but never brandish or discharge the weapon. Due to mandatory minimum sentencing for many gun offenses, it is key that those charged discuss legal options.

If you have concerns about Virginia gun charges, you may need to protect your rights using an attorney. This professional can make a strong defense for acquittal or sentencing leniency.

The Advantages of a Leesburg Gun Lawyer

Gun Lawyer in LeesburgThere are numerous types of gun charges that you may face in Virginia. However, even minor offenses have long-term implications for your criminal record and security clearance.

Our attorneys need to examine your case before enumerating your defense options. If you are prepared to have someone advocate strongly for you, schedule a meeting with a Leesburg gun attorney today at (703) 957-7373. Please contact us for more information about those laws and how they might affect you.

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