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Fauquier Traffic Enforcement

If you are a driver in or around the Fauquier County area, the following is what you should know about traffic laws and how they are enforced in the area. If already facing charges call a Fauquier County traffic lawyer today to discuss your case.

Location of Fauquier County

Fauquier County, VA is due west of Prince William County and Fairfax County. If you think of the Northern Virginia region as being from Washington, DC in the north to Richmond in the south, then if you took those two points and made a triangle that third point of the triangle would approximately be where Fauquier County is.

It’s about 50 miles or so north of Charlottesville, VA on Route 29, about 20 miles from Manassas, VA, south and west of Manassas, either taking Route 29 or Interstate 66. It runs from south to north all the way from the Stafford County border not far from Fredericksburg, VA and all the way up to a border with Warren County. It is a fairly large geographic space even though it doesn’t have nearly the population of its neighbors Stafford, Prince William, or Loudoun counties.

Major Highways and Local Roads

Folks from all over Virginia and beyond travel through Fauquier County. There is an interstate on the north end of the county, Interstate 66, which travels all the way to Washington, DC.  If people are traveling long distances through Northern Virginia, it is not uncommon to enter Fauquier County without even knowing it.

Three of the main roads that go through Fauquier County that people would find themselves on quite often are:

  • Route 29- which goes all the way from Washington, DC down south through Charlottesville and to the southern part of the state.
  • Route 17- which is a north-south state highway that crosses through Fauquier County on its way to Stafford County. It is a popular cut through to avoid Interstate 95.
  • Route 28- which runs from Manassas to the Culpeper County line in the southern end and travels through Nokesville, Midland, Catlett, Bealeton and Remington. It is popular commuter alternative to Route 29 and Interstate 66.
  • Interstate 66 is another common method for interstate travelers to bypass some of the DC area traffic and cut through Fauquier County, especially commercial traffic truckers.

Though Fauquier County may not be your ultimate destination, it is not uncommon to travel through this picturesque county on your travels through Virginia.

Enforcement of Traffic Laws in Fauquier County

Just as in other localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, traffic laws are heavily enforced in Fauquier County. In particular, the various speeding regulations such as reckless driving are heavily enforced as well.

These are high-traffic roads and  whether it’s the Virginia State Police, Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, or the various town localities, there are a lot of officers that heavily enforce traffic laws, equipment violations, and driving rules on highways of Fauquier County to try to keep it a safe place.

There are a number of traffic offenses that are criminal offenses. The most common is reckless driving by speed in which a driver travels over 20 miles an hour above the posted speed limit or over 80 miles an hour regardless of the posted speed. It is not uncommon for a driver to believe they are getting a speeding summons only to see the words “reckless driving” and the requirement for a court appearance on the Virginia Uniform Summons.  It is a very serious matter that could include potential jail time and loss of driving privileges.

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