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You would be well served to call a Fauquier County drug lawyer if you have been charged with any drug crime. Police and prosecutors are often overzealous in going after suspected drug offenders. You deserve to have the best representation to try to protect your freedom and ensure your Constitutional rights are protected. Call today and schedule a consultation with an attorney in Fauquier County.

Benefits of Working with a Fauquier County Drug Lawyer

You have a number of different options to respond to drug charges. Obviously, the best outcome would be to get charges dismissed or avoid a guilty verdict. A drug attorney in Fauquier County will help you to ensure the choices you make are geared towards maximizing the chances of these outcomes and minimizing the risk of conviction.

An attorney can help you keep illegally obtained evidence out of court, and can petition for a case to be dismissed if the prosecutor doesn’t have enough proof. Your attorney can also help you decide on the right approach to take in court, whether this is questioning the possession of the drugs, disputing the amounts, or trying to make the jury question whether the prosecutor has proved the case against you.

The decisions you make on everything from how to plead to what evidence to present are going to shape not just your case, but also your future. A drug conviction can have consequences that follow you and you owe it to yourself to be represented by a knowledgeable drug lawyer in Fauquier County.

Drug Laws in Fauquier County

Penalties in Fauquier County are imposed for simple possession or possession of drug paraphernalia.  Possession with intent to distribute and manufacturing drugs can lead to more serious penalties than a simple possession charge.  The amount of drugs is going to be one of the factors determinative in the type of charges a defendant faces, and prosecutors can charge a defendant for intent to distribute even if there is no actual proof any drugs were given away or sold.

The “schedule” of the controlled substances also has a profound impact on penalties. Virginia Code Section 18.2-250 imposes a felony conviction and a serious penalty of up to a decade incarceration just for possession of a Schedule I or Schedule II substance, while possession of a schedule VI substance is a class 4 misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of a $250 fine according to Code Section 18.2-11.  The schedule of a drug is based on how dangerous it is perceived to be, as well as whether it has a medicinal use.

Special Rules for Marijuana

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug. However, a defendant does not risk a decade in prison just for possession of marijuana. Under Code Section 18.2-250.1, the maximum penalty for simple possession (first offense) is 30 days in jail, a fine of up to $500 and a six month loss of driving privileges. Subsequent marijuana possession is elevated for a full class 1 misdemeanor, however, so it is important to remember that Virginia takes marijuana much more seriously than its some of its neighbors.  This is still a very serious consequence at a time when other states have moved towards permitting recreational marijuana use, and you still need a lawyer to help if you are charged.

Getting Help from a Fauquier County Drug Lawyer

Our attorneys can help clients facing drug charges in Warrenton or anywhere else in Fauquier County. Call an attorney as soon as possible to begin defending yourself from drug charges and help you mitigate the potential consequences that come with such a charge.

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