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What are the conditions of probation?

The conditions of probation are different for everybody. There will be a general list of probationary conditions that the assigned probation officer goes over with the person. Depending on the jurisdiction, there is typically a set of rules that applies to every probation case. In addition to those set rules that apply to every case, there will be specific rules based upon that particular situation. Terms of probation will vary, but generally they include no further violations of the law, meaning general good behavior. They don’t want you to come back to court again. The terms usually also include not using illegal substances. In the case of a crime that involves a victim, the person cannot have contact with the victim. The terms also include having communication with the probation department, answering their phone calls or emails, and things of that nature. It also generally means following up on any requests that the probation officer may have. Those requests are often to return their calls, have meetings, or potentially have random drug screenings. All those are examples of things that are required for probation.

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