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Hiring a Fairfax Robbery Attorney

After an arrest or accusation of a criminal act, the accused individual may be frightened and unsure of their options or legal rights. Sometimes, a person charged with a violent crime will act hastily, virtually ruining their chances of—and legal rights to—a proper defense.

If you were arrested for and charged with forceful larceny, consider hiring a Fairfax robbery attorney to discuss how to proceed. A tenacious attorney could assess your unique circumstances, discuss your options, and work tirelessly to build a defense to protect your rights.

Robbery Charges and its Penalties

Because the act of robbery is legally considered to be violent or forceful, it is a serious offense in Virginia. For instance, under certain circumstances, a charge for robbery could result in life in prison. However, there are a variety of circumstances and factors that may affect the severity of a robbery charge, as well as its resulting punishments upon a conviction.

Due to the severity of the penalties and the nuances of handling a defense, anyone facing charges might benefit from hiring a Fairfax lawyer who is experienced with its complexities. A legal professional understands the types of evidentiary concerns and possible defenses that may be considered in order to guide a defendant through the legal process.

How a Hired Attorney Prepares a Defense

An attorney would prepare for a robbery charge as they would for most other felonies. Essentially, they attempt to conduct a serious and thorough background investigation into the circumstances of a case, as well as talk at length with a client and any potential witnesses.

Often, when someone is charged with robbery, there is substantial evidence—especially if the alleged act was in a public or semi-public place. There might be videos, witness statements, and codefendants that a skilled attorney could assess and study. All of this is to work toward preparing a defense and, as an attorney builds one, they will try to get the best possible outcome under the circumstances for their client.

How Hiring a Fairfax Robbery Attorney Might Help

When someone is charged with a robbery, there are often many numerous benefits to having a local attorney involved. One of the primary benefits is, in the event that a person does not receive bond, they could regularly meet with an attorney in person. Beyond this, a seasoned and knowledgeable lawyer should know the local law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges, which could help them to understand each side of a case and be comfortable presenting a defense.

If you were charged with forceful larceny, building a defense and navigating the legal system alone can be confusing and overwhelming. Instead, consider hiring a Fairfax robbery attorney to have a steadfast ally by your side.

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