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Fairfax Robbery Arrests

Facing accusations of forceful larceny may be overwhelming, leaving a person unsure of how to proceed. However, it is important for anyone facing potential charges to understand the process of Fairfax robbery arrests in the event that they are detained.

If you suspect you are under investigation for robbery or have already been arrested, consider speaking with a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer about each step of the ensuing legal process. By understanding your rights, you could determine how best to proceed.

The Arrest Process

Simply put, the process of arrest is when a law enforcement officer seizes someone and takes them into police custody. Law enforcement officers use their training and experience, as well as their operational guidelines in deciding when to make an arrest. Naturally, this is based on numerous factors, including the person’s ties to the local community, whether they are a flight risk, and whether or not they are at risk to commit a further offense. Sometimes, law enforcement may want to wait before making an arrest to see how much more information they can gather against any potential co-conspirators before a case begins.

If someone is caught while committing a robbery in Fairfax—or after a robbery has been committed—they will typically be placed directly under arrest. This is because they represent a public safety hazard and officers have clear and probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. If this happens, a person will be placed in handcuffs and transported to a local adult detention, sheriff’s office, or magistrate’s office for booking.

During booking, law enforcement officers go over vital information about the arrested individual in order to process them within the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) or the National Criminal Information Center. This process includes providing law enforcement with a person’s basic information, such as their name, address, and Social Security number. After this, a person will usually be taken before a magistrate to make initial bond determinations.

When Could a Person Turn Themselves in for Forceful Larceny?

If there is an active warrant for someone’s arrest that has not yet been served, the person or their attorney may be in contact with the local law enforcement agency to turn themselves in. This is often a preferred method when a person believes they are under investigation and does not want law enforcement to show up at their home or place of business to execute a search warrant. Furthermore, this also may be a helpful gesture toward showing the magistrate or a judge that the person is cooperative and assistive with the processing and the services of the warrant in Fairfax.

The Indictment Process

If someone has been indicted for a robbery offense, it is possible that they may not learn of this indictment until the police show up at their door as a result of them not appearing in court. Typically, when indictments go out, the indicted individual is not given notice before it is presented to a grand jury.

Then, on that same day—or within the next day—the indictment returns to the court so that any person who is named within it can be called before the judge. If a person does not show up upon hearing of an indictment, a bench warrant will be issued for their arrest.

A Person’s Rights During an Arrest for Robbery

Anyone who believes they are under investigation and may be arrested should understand their legal rights—including the right to remain silent. Furthermore, every person has the right to talk to an attorney as soon as possible after they have been arrested for robbery or another criminal charge. Usually, a person is able to reach out to an attorney after they been through booking and have stood before the magistrate. However, some people do not understand that they have to invoke this right, meaning it may be in their best interest to not speak with law enforcement until they have a lawyer on their side.

Call a Lawyer to Discuss Fairfax Robbery Arrests

Facing criminal charges of any kind alone can be intimidating. After detainment, a person may feel rushed to act quickly and defend themselves by speaking with law enforcement officers and trying to explain their situation.

Instead of navigating the legal system alone and hastily defending yourself, consider reaching out to a seasoned and well-versed lawyer. A dedicated attorney could help prepare you for a Fairfax robbery arrest if you believe you are under investigation, as well as guide you through each step of the proceeding process. To discuss your legal rights and options for building a defense, call a legal professional today.

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