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While charges for any form of stealing may be severe, an allegation of robbery involving a firearm or other weapon may be particularly serious. A criminal charge of this magnitude might affect a person’s financial and personal livelihood, well as potentially impede their ability to secure meaningful work and housing in the future.

As a result, anyone facing criminal accusations may benefit from consulting with a Fairfax armed robbery lawyer about their legal options. Instead of trying to build a defense alone, a tenacious and experienced attorney comfortable with handling these kinds of cases could help.

Defining Armed Robbery and its Penalties in Fairfax

Legally, robbery is defined as larceny with an added use of force, or the threat of force. Therefore, armed robbery is considered to be an elevated larceny charge where the threat in question is demonstrated by the use of some sort of weapon; this may include a firearm, knife, club, or any other threatening or dangerous object.

Because of the inherently violent element of this offense, armed robbery may result in more severe penalties than other forms of larceny. This may include more prison time, lengthier probationary terms, and other related restrictions. If someone is charged with robbery while using a firearm, for example, they may face charges for both armed robbery, as well as the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. These are two separate and unique charges that may be carried against a defendant concurrently, both of which carry mandatory minimum jail time.

Additionally, if a person has been previously been convicted of a felony offense, another level of mandatory minimum sentencing is applied. Because of the severity of this offense, a person facing charges for armed robbery may benefit from the counsel and aid of a knowledgeable Fairfax attorney.

Possible Defenses in an Armed Robbery Case

While a person facing criminal charges may feel that their situation is hopeless, there may be numerous elements of a case that might be contested or otherwise mitigated by a defendant and their lawyer. A dedicated attorney will often try to begin a case by evaluating what the client has been charged with and the specific circumstances that led up to the accusation, as well as considering where each piece of evidence has come from. This process often includes conducting an investigation into third-party information, such as police reports, audio and video, surveillance footage, and witness statements.

By collecting and assessing this evidence, a skilled legal professional could determine if it may be useful during the preparation of a case. They might also file statements and perform forensic, DNA, and blood analyses, as well as speak with any relevant experts about certain elements related to an offense. Throughout a trial, an attorney will try to leverage their experience and knowledge of the legal system to achieve a positive outcome under the given circumstances.

How a Fairfax Armed Robbery Attorney Might Help

If you were accused of—or charged with—a robbery involving the use of a firearm or weapon, you may feel as though your future is bleak. However, instead of rushing into a defense alone, consider calling a Fairfax armed robbery lawyer to discuss your legal options.

By utilizing their experience and skills, a seasoned defense attorney could help to guide you through each step of the legal process and work tirelessly to protect your rights. Call today to begin preparing a defense.

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