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Virginia Uniform Demerit Point System

In addition to fines, jail time, and higher insurance rates, another result of being convicted of a traffic violation in Virginia is the addition of demerit points being added onto your license. To find out about how demerit points may impact your license call and schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.

What is The Uniform Demerit Point System?

Virginia uses the uniform demerit point system as an incentive program for drivers. Everybody with a driver’s license in Virginia is subject to the system. There is a set amount of points for each offense, which is determined by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the list is available online. When someone receives a conviction, the demerit points remain on their driving record for 2 years.  How long the conviction stays on the record will depend on the seriousness of the conviction.  The consequences of accumulating too many points is that their driver’s license can be suspended from this. Usually, too many points in Virginia is 18 points within 1 year or 24 points within 2 years.

In order to get your driving record back to zero, you get 1 positive point for each year of good driving behavior, which means no new convictions.  You can also take a driver improvement course voluntarily every 2 years, which gives you positive 5 points.  Driver’s insurance companies will be notified by the Department of Motor Vehicles every time that they receive a new conviction. So your insurance rate could be increased with any new convictions that you get.  Every single state has its own system so Virginia does not include points for other jurisdictions, nor does our point system apply to out-of-state drivers.

Challenging the Points On Your License

You can’t challenge the points assessed to your license.  The only way to get them removed is to have a positive year of good driving behavior, which will remove 1 point, or to voluntarily take a driver improvement course once every 2 years for a positive 5 points.

How a Traffic Attorney Can Help

If your license has been suspended due to too many demerit points, then a Virginia traffic defense attorney can help you petition the court to get a restricted driver’s license.  A restricted driver’s license is available sometimes for a  suspended license and it allows the driver to drive to and from work, to and from school, to and from doctor’s appointments and religious services.

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