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Why Should I Hire An Attorney For Virginia Larceny Cases?

Due to the fact that larceny charges are taken so seriously in Virginia, it is often a good idea to seek legal representation as soon as you are charged. The following is information on how these cases are treated and why hiring an experienced lawyer is typically a better solution than representing yourself. To discuss in more detail, or find out more information on larceny charges call today and schedule a free consultation with a Virginia theft lawyer.

How Does The State Treat Larceny Cases?

The Commonwealth prosecutes larceny cases very aggressively and considers taking property that doesn’t belong to you as a very serious offense. Especially in this day and age where a lot of people are struggling financially, it is something of an insult to take advantage of a person and take their property for your own enjoyment or to assist your own lifestyle. The Commonwealth also prosecutes certain larceny offenses involving classes of persons or classes of businesses that are particularly vulnerable such as the elderly, the young, or those placed in positions of trust within their companies even more aggressively because they view those crimes as particularly offensive.

So Why Is Hiring An Attorney Important In A Larceny Case?

There is a large amount of discretion in how larceny cases are prosecuted and how they are punished. To fully understand whether you are getting the best possible outcome, it is important to contact an attorney experienced in defending both petit and grand larceny cases in Loudoun County.  Make sure that you don’t leave anything on the table, don’t accept the punishment that is more harsh than you deserve. An experienced lawyer can look at the circumstances of your arrest and what you are being charged with and help develop the strongest possible defense for you.

Why Shouldn’t You Represent Yourself In A Larceny Case In Virginia Court?

Well, the old maxim I’ve heard from some wise judges is that just because you can perform surgery on yourself it doesn’t mean you should. And the same goes for representing yourself in a legal matter in which your liberty is at stake.  Certainly the Constitution permits an accused person to represent themselves, but I would caution against that. Attorneys that practice criminal defense law in court nearly every day, they know the prosecutors, they know the judges and they know the case law. With this in mind, especially with your freedom at stake, it is often better not to take the risk and instead hire a person who knows the law and has taken the necessary time to develop relationships with judges and prosecutors.

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