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Virginia Sex Offender Registry

When someone is convicted of a sex crime in Virginia they may be required to register with a Virginia sex offender registry. Placement on one of these sex offender registries is a serious matter which can have long term negative consequences on an individual’s life. If you are facing sex crimes charges and potential registration on a sex offender registry ,it is advisable to consult with a Virginia sex crimes lawyer to discuss your options.

Sex Offender Registries

There are multiple different levels of sex offender registries in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You might be required to register for a campus sex offender registry, depending on the nature of the offense, the nature of the victim, and other unique aspects of your specific case.

There is also a common sex offender registry for a variety of sex offenses that are most commonly associated with registration. A Sexually Violent Predator registration, or SVP, also exists, depending on the type of offense. In other words, the nature of the offense, where you are convicted, as well as the requirements of your probation or parole would dictate which registry and what registration requirements pertain to your individual situation.

An individual will have to register as a sex offender if they are convicted of certain enumerated offenses that are governed by the Virginia Sex Crimes Registry. In addition, the registration may have certain conditions of probation or parole. The individual may be required to register after a conviction as well.

Length of Required Registration

The length of time someone is required to stay on the registry depends upon the offense committed by that person. Some offenses are limited in duration of time, while other offenses are indefinite.

Determining the length of time you are required to remain on the registry is done by consulting with the Virginia Sex Offense Registry, which has a publicly available commission report. An attorney or the person accused can use the report to reference under what circumstances a person will be placed in the registry. The report can also be used to define which parts of a person’s registry are discretionary and which parts are mandatory.

Impact of Inclusion on a Sex Offender Registry

Anyone listed on a Sex Offender Registry may face a negative impact on their quality of life. The registry requires them to notify certain officials including presidents of schools, community groups, or even neighbors if they move or change their addresses. Certain registry offenses require periodic check-ins with the local Virginia State Police or local law enforcement agency.

There are also additional requirements akin to probation for those listed on a Sex Offender Registry. Essentially, there is a definite negative connotation associated with being a registered sex offender and negative consequences that follow from that.

Other long-term implications may include difficulty in moving, since the neighbors of registered sex offenders have to approve the person moving into the area. Still other issues may include difficulty with maintaining existing employment, difficulty in procuring housing, and more.

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