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As an American, you retain numerous rights under the United States Constitution. For instance, the Second Amendment allows you to keep and bear arms. But, under the appropriate circumstances, that right is revocable.

Gun Lawyer in Springfield, VALike every state, Virginia enforces the gun laws it makes. One example is the law requiring you to maintain a valid gun permit (if you own a firearm). Possessing and concealing a gun outside certain private places (i.e., your home) without this permit is an indictable offense. If you face criminal prosecution for breaking this or other Virginia gun laws, hire a Springfield gun lawyer right away. Learn more about services we provide for criminal charges in Springfield.

Firearm Laws in Springfield, Virginia

The laws regarding guns in Virginia are complex. As such, a Springfield gun lawyer can help explain them to those accused of crimes. The accused may also need representation if prosecution is imminent. Below is a very brief and basic overview of certain gun laws in Virginia. This is not a substitute for advice from a legal professional. If you have any questions, please contact us today for a free consultation.

There are many firearm offenses frequently prosecuted in the state. These include carrying a concealed weapon (without a permit), possession of a firearm (by a convicted felon), and using a gun to commit a felony. Although some charges are only misdemeanors (e.g., because they’re first offenses) others become felonies if committed more than once. Still others come with mandatory minimum sentences attached. It’s also important to know that carrying a gun and using it can be considered two offenses. Therefore, they are often charged and prosecuted as separate crimes.

No one wants to be incarcerated, but that is often what happens to those convicted of breaking Virginia gun laws. This can occur even when you carried a gun while committing a crime, but never discharged the weapon. If you are challenged with prosecution for such an offense, you need experience on your side.

How A Gun Attorney Can Help

Don’t refuse your right to counsel in order to downplay the Virginia weapon charges. This can be an expensive mistake that carries lifelong consequences. When you speak to prosecutors and other law enforcement officials, it helps to have a professional explain your side of the story, as well as make strong pleas for leniency. More importantly, your gun attorney will challenge the case against you and will take the case to trial if that is the right course of action. Since protecting and championing civil rights in these matters is essential, talk to a Springfield gun lawyer about how they can help you.

Even if you are only charged with a misdemeanor firearm offense, legal counsel is invaluable. Even without facing jail-time, a misdemeanor offense can become part of your criminal record with far-reaching implications for employment, education, and financial opportunities.

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