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DUI Without a License in Manassas

Driver’s licenses are an important privilege for many people, but the rules governing them can be strict. Being improperly licensed can cause significant complications to a case that already involves drunk driving. Getting a DUI while unlicensed or on a suspended license in Manassas will likely compound the punishment you may face. Fortunately, an experienced DUI attorney might be able to take on your case and help you secure a positive resolution.

The Impact of Being Unlicensed

In Virginia, driving without a license is itself a misdemeanor. Someone who is charged with both driving under the influence and driving without a license will face harsher treatment, and it could affect the negotiation process. If their license is suspended – that is, they had their driving privileges taken away for a prior incident – prosecutors take it even more seriously.

Keeping unsafe drivers off the road is one of the reasons the Commonwealth tries to ensure people are licensed. Likewise, laws against drunk driving exist to prevent accidents and protect others on the road. A combination of DUI and driving without a license could raise a red flag in the mind of a Manassas prosecutor.

What is the Difference Between Driving Unlicensed and Driving on a Suspended License?

A case involving driving on a suspended license is treated much more seriously than one for driving without a license. Someone who is driving without a license has not gone through the official steps to be legally on the road, while someone who is charged with driving on a suspended license has been told specifically that they are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle. The person with the suspended license is driving in violation of a direct court order.

This is a more serious offense that can be punishable by more jail time. Someone who is convicted of a third driving offense will be given a mandatory 10 days of jail time, while a person who is charged with driving without a license will not receive mandatory jail time.

Additionally, there is a different statute for someone who is convicted of driving on a suspended license after having been convicted of a DUI, and it allows for enhanced penalties.

How DUIs and License Violations Are Handled

Driving without a license is a class II misdemeanor in Virginia, while driving on a suspended license is a class I misdemeanor, which is the more serious charge.

In Manassas, driving without a license and driving while intoxicated are both heard in the same courtroom, and the cases will frequently be heard at the same time.

A Manassas Attorney Could Help Defend Your DUI Without a License Charge

It is important to obey all the rules of the road, including those pertaining to intoxicated driving and operating without a valid license. If you are caught violating both of those rules, the punishments could be severe. An attorney who practices in Manassas could help you mount a defense for a DUI without a license. Contact one today for more information.

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