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Building a Defense in Leesburg Reckless Driving Cases

Retaining legal counsel is one of the most important steps to take when facing reckless driving charges in Leesburg. The prosecution and law enforcement officers take reckless driving offenses very seriously making an experienced reckless driving attorney in Leesburg a valuable asset for your case.

What a Leesburg Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Offer

The top three things that we offer our clients are:

#1 Experience

One of the things I offer to my clients are my experience in this area of law and my experience in this local jurisdiction. Experience is important in these cases. It matters to have someone who appears here regularly, has the respect of the court and all the parties involved, and who understands what constitutes a good outcome for your particular facts and circumstances.

#2 Communication

I provide access to me to guarantee effective communication – phone, text, email. I answer them all on a regular basis. I try to provide my clients access to me. I have clients who call me at work between the 9 to 5 hours and I am also available literally any time in the day, early in the morning and on weekends as my clients require.

#3 Commitment

Finally, you know when you go with me for a Leesburg reckless driving case, you are getting an advocate who is zealous in the representation of your best interests.  I commit my time and efforts to every case like it’s my only case and my clients see that in the attention and dedication I bring.

What Do Prosecutor Need to Prove in Leesburg Reckless Driving Cases?

Because reckless driving is a criminal offense, the prosecution must prove all the elements of the specific case section for which you are charged beyond a reasonable doubt. That is known as the “burden of proof.” For civil cases it is lower, but for criminal cases it is beyond a reasonable doubt whether or not the offense is murder, manslaughter or reckless driving.

Evidence in Leesburg Reckless Driving Cases

The most common evidence presented in reckless driving cases will be officer testimony and scientific evidence after appropriate foundation is laid. What I mean by that is that the arresting officer will typically explain to the court the circumstances that lead to the encounter of your vehicle and what driving behavior he or she observed. If it is a speed case, the officer may want to introduce certain scientific evidence such as speed data, speedometer calibrations or LIDAR readings in order to support their case. They must lay a proper evidentiary foundation for this evidence and that is often subject to objection by the defense.

Defense Strategies in Leesburg Reckless Driving Cases

There are a number of defense strategies that I employ in defending reckless driving cases. Most of the defenses are case specific and fact specific and depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your case. The most common tactics that I use in defense of reckless driving cases is to analyze and attempt to find an error in the scientific information of the Commonwealth. In addition, I will attempt to locate and talk to witnesses, who may have different version of the events of the case from the charging officer.  I will also prepare a full file of what is called mitigation. Mitigation is not necessarily the defense on the merits of the underlying charges, but it will assist the Commonwealth is finding a reason to exercise some discretion in the prosecution of the case.

Advantages of Local Counsel in Leesburg Reckless Driving Cases

If you have been charged with reckless driving in Leesburg, there are many advantages of having an experienced local counsel.

The first advantage is the location. My office is located one block from the Loudoun County General District Court. The court address is 18 East Market Street. My office’s address is 20 West Market Street. So it is just one block away. It is going to be easy for me to meet with my clients near the courtroom, walk over together and explain what may happen on their day in court.

The next advantage for me is that this is a courtroom in which I appear regularly, so I know all the potential players. That means I know the majority of law enforcement officers, as well as all the prosecutors and the judges we may encounter. Having relationships with prosecutors and judges means that I understand what problems may occur given your unique facts and circumstances. Even though no two cases are alike, I have likely seen cases that I can at least draw comparisons to while analyzing your case and specifically analyzing whether an offer to resolve your case is fair or if you stand a better chance at trial.

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