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If you’re accused of breaking drug laws in Virginia, know that the punishments for convictions can be harsh. You can be penalized for the possession, manufacture, and distribution of illegal drugs, as well several prescription medications. If you are facing drug charges, talk to a Haymarket drug lawyer as soon as possible regarding your defense options.

The Realities of Drug Charges

Drug Lawyer in Haymarket VAEven if you receive one of the lighter sentences for drug convictions, such sentences can negatively impact your life. For instance, let’s say you are found guilty of simple marijuana possession. This guilty verdict may get you a lighter sentence than if you were distributing marijuana, or possessed heroin. But that doesn’t mean you escape the sentence unscathed.

You don’t have to suffer the penalties for Virginia drug convictions. You have options, and retaining an attorney well versed in the Haymarket jurisdiction is an important first step.

A drug conviction can devastate your finances and put your freedom in jeopardy. You can have fines totaling thousands of dollars, or jail sentences that last for years. There are also mandatory minimum penalties for certain offenses. For these reasons and more, seek a Haymarket drug lawyer and ask for his guidance.

Are you looking for exceptional legal representation for drug issues? If so, we can help. His office is close by the Fairfax County General District Court. This is a convenient location, since many criminal cases in the Haymarket area are taken to that courtroom. Consult with our attorneys for charges of drug possession (including marijuana possession), drug distribution and trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute (for more information on Prince William County criminal charges). Also see him if you are arrested for:

  • Illegal drug manufacturing or cultivation
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs

The Benefits of Legal Representation

Below are several drug defense strategies that our attorneys may employ for you:

  • Challenging improper police procedures and illegally obtained evidence
  • Refuting evidence against you
  • Negotiating pleas to lesser charges
  • Supporting sentencing options such as probation, treatment, and deferred sentencing

Let an experienced attorney assess your case to develop the proper strategy. Clients and their cases are unique, so a customized defense must be used. Call a Haymarket drug lawyer at (703) 957-7373 for a free consultation, and begin your defense by seeking legal counsel.

Please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the various drug laws in Virginia and how they may affect you.

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