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Fredericksburg DUI Checkpoints


There are a variety of places throughout the City of Fredericksburg where individuals may be susceptible to DUI stops. The two main locations in which the City of Fredericksburg will actively enforce DUI violations are the Downtown Fredericksburg area, where there are a number of restaurants, breweries, concert venues, and other places people would consume alcohol and potentially get stopped for a suspected DUI.

A variety of these main streets are:

  • Lafayette Boulevard
  • Caroline Street
  • Princess Anne Street
  • Route 1
  • certain locations around the University

These streets often see active DUI traffic enforcement, especially on nights and weekends when it is more likely to find drivers who are driving under the influence. Other common locations for DUI stops are in and around the campus of the University of Mary Washington which is located in the City of Fredericksburg.

State Roads

Because of the size of freeways and the difficulty of conducting a DUI stop or checkpoint on large roads where traffic may be impeded, it is uncommon to see DUI checkpoints on the large, major roads that travel through Fredericksburg. Examples of these large roads are Route 1, Route 3, Lafayette Boulevard, and the Blue-Gray Parkway. While it is uncommon to see DUI checkpoints on the main roads, the smaller roads and side roads throughout the City of Fredericksburg often see DUI checkpoints where drivers are stopped or pulled over.

Local Enforcement of DUI Charges

Every locality has different ways to prosecute DUI  cases and decide which conditions are appropriate. There are a variety of things that make Fredericksburg DUI cases unique and these often come up on a case-by-case basis.

One unique aspect of Fredericksburg DUI stops is to impose an emergency management fee if someone is involved in a DUI-related accident. Emergency management fees from a DUI charge can include the cost of bringing a rescue squad and the fire department to the scene of an accident. These stops are authorized in some DUI cases. Fredericksburg is one of the few jurisdictions to actively seek these fees as part of a case or court order for a DUI stop charge.

Benefits of a Local DUI Lawyer

In DUI stop cases, there are a variety of benefits to working with a local attorney who practices in Fredericksburg. They have knowledge of the courthouse for procedures in the clerk’s office, knowledge of local prosecutors, and knowledge of law enforcement officers, how they may conduct testing, and what kind of evidence is presented in a DUI case. A local attorney will also have an understanding of how legal procedures are handled in DUI stop cases, what judges may be more or less favorable, and what penalties are appropriate for your specific DUI case.

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