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Court Treatment for Fredericksburg Drug Charges

The Fredericksburg court treats drugs differently based on how serious the drug is. There are two major things that classify drugs as more serious. The first is the level of impairment—the extent to which the drug impairs the user. The more potent the drug is, the more harshly it will be penalized. The second major aspect that classifies drugs as more serious is how addictive the drug is.

The general assembly cross references how potently the drug affects a person with how addictive the drug is. The more potent and the more addictive a drug is, the more likely it is that a person will be penalized harsher for possessing or selling the drug in a Fredericksburg drug case. Contact a skilled drug attorney to better understand what treatment to expect of your Fredericksburg drug charges.

Medically Approved But Appeased Fredericksburg Drug Cases

The legal system in Fredericksburg deals with cases that involve drugs that are medically approved but appeased by assessing whether or not the allegedly charged person possessed a scheduled drug that they either had a prescription for previously and no longer have currently or the person does not have the prescription for at all.

A person is charged with a felony offense for possessing a drug without a valid prescription, or if a person possesses drugs that have been previously prescribed to them, but they now have no prescription for. There are many factors that go into how courts treat Fredericksburg drug cases. Depending on the person’s criminal history, the person’s interaction with the police officers, and the individual facts of their case, Fredericksburg might either put a person in something called a first offender program (where they can receive some reduced treatment), do community service, get them help with their addiction, or dismiss the felony charge.

Marijuana Offenses

Marijuana is a drug that law enforcement officers are especially attuned to. The drug is so prevalent that officers create and maintain drug teams, drug divisions, and drug task forces that spend their time learning the way that marijuana affects individuals, noticing when someone is either using the drug or selling the drug, and researching marijuana activity.

The smell of marijuana particularly leads law enforcement to the drug, which also helps officers retrieve other drugs that could be possessed such as Adderall, codeine, Xanax, et cetera. Marijuana odor gives law enforcement reasonable cause to search for other drugs. The prevalence of marijuana can potentially lead to an arrest for a more serious drug in a Fredericksburg drug case.

Working with an Attorney

In a Fredericksburg drug case, the court treats the alleged drug crime very seriously. A person’s drug attorney will act urgently in every drug crime, whether it is possession or possession with intent to distribute.

There are also a lot of constitutional issues that appear in every type of possession offense. The average person might not understand the legal nuances present in the court treatment of a Fredericksburg drug case. The charged person will want to hire an attorney who is capable, can find all the legal and factual matters, and analyze them to protect a person’s freedom. A drug lawyer in Fredericksburg can also help a person if they have substance addiction as well.

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