Chantilly Assault Attorney

Even though “assault” and “battery” are two separate acts, these charges are usually joined together when you are prosecuted. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is considered assault if you “attempt and intend to inflict injury on a person.” Battery is the unwanted physical contact inflicted on a victim by the perpetrator. But whether you’re charged with both, or only one, see a Chantilly assault lawyer as soon as possible.

Let’s say you were charged with assault. Law enforcement needs to hear your side of the story, told in an appropriate manner. The wisest way to advocate for your case may be to hire an assault lawyer. These individuals routinely help eliminate or minimize the consequences of a criminal conviction. But how do you choose which attorney you want?

You want one with a record of quality defense against similar charges. After all, the more often the attorney receives good results, the higher likelihood he can do the same for you. Thomas Soldan, for instance, has an exceptional record of representation against assault and battery charges. He also handles other criminal matters in Chantilly (see here) and Fairfax generally (click this).

Examples of assault cases can include assault and battery, simple or aggravated assault, or assault of certain people, such as police officers, emergency personnel, school administrators, and teachers. Domestic violence is another form of assault. If you have issues with any of these charges, contact attorney Thomas Soldan.

Chantilly Assault Lawyer Thomas Soldan

Were you in an altercation with one or more individuals? If so, police most likely came to the scene to break up the fight and ask questions. They may have tried to uncover the truth of what happened, despite conflicting reports. The truth is, even experienced officers have trouble finding out what really happened. The lines between victim and perpetrator blur. In these cases, it’s wise to let an experienced assault lawyer speak for you. They can demonstrate how you weren’t the instigator in the assault. You may have been a victim, only striking out in self-defense.

Contact Chantilly assault lawyer Thomas Soldan at (703) 957-7373 for a free consultation. He may be able to help you with charges of assault, battery, or domestic violence in Virginia. If you or a loved one are facing these charges, please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about these laws and how our attorneys might be able to help.

If you are facing assault charges in Maryland or the District of Columbia, please visit the websites for our Maryland office or DC office for more information.