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2017 Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship


Thomas Soldan, Attorney at Law, avid trail runner and local-sports team supporter, is passionate about the development of healthy communities. Through the use of sustainable resources and food-access programs like Meals on Wheels America or local farmer’s markets, cities and counties across the country are able to provide nutrition and activities to foster vibrant and growing communities. The success of these programs, however, relies on the continued dedication and stewardship of educated, motivated individuals.

Uniquely motivated people are key to important local health initiatives like access to clean water or opportunities in community-level sports and outdoor events, a fact Mr. Soldan recognizes. A former collegiate baseball player who maintains an active passion for the game, he has personally devoted ample time and energy into these issues, and constantly strives to create pathways for others to do the same.

To further champion the cause of developing healthy communities, Mr. Soldan is investing in the future and has offered a scholarship of $500 to any student in a post-secondary education seeking means to encourage sustainable and local health-initiatives in his or her own community.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • This scholarship is open to a student currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the United States. This includes incoming first-year college students who are high school graduates or possess a GED.
  • The scholarship candidate must possess a proven record of interest in healthy communities through past and present volunteer, professional, or educational experiences.
  • All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing, maintaining a cumulative average grade of a B (3.0 GPA).

Application Requirements

  • A resumé, that includes academic, professional, and volunteer experience
  • A 500-word statement identifying the applicant and her or his past and future dedication to healthy communities and sustainable initiatives. The personal statement should make clear how the candidate would use his or her continued education to champion accessible health- and local-activities programs.
  • A current official transcript from the applicant’s school (NOTE: First-year college students may submit an official transcript from their most recent school, as well as an unofficial transcript from their current post-secondary institution.)
  • This cover sheet (link opens in PDF).

The 2017 Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship winner will be announced Spring 2018.

Application Deadline and Instructions

In order to be eligible, scholarship applicants must submit their FULL application (personal statement, transcript(s), and resumé) by email. The official deadline for all application materials is January 31, 2018.

If you have any questions or are submitting your application, contact: scholarships@virginialawfirm.net.

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