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Your experience in college should be a time for growth. Educational and social opportunities provide a solid foundation for the rest of your life. Many Virginia students rely on college to provide a degree and social connections that last for years.

Unfortunately, a single allegation of misconduct could quickly derail these plans. Students in Virginia’s colleges and universities have the same obligations to follow the law as any other adult.

In addition, these schools universally require all members of the student body to sign onto a code of conduct. Mere allegations of criminal activity may trigger an investigation that could seriously jeopardize your time at school.

A Virginia student defense lawyer is dedicated to protecting the educational privileges of all students. A criminal defense attorney could work to defend your freedom in criminal courts while preparing you for a powerful defense before any school disciplinary board. Their goal is to protect your freedom and educational future.

Defending Students Against Criminal Allegations

With the vast majority of students in Virginia’s colleges and universities being over the age of 18, they have an obligation to follow the Commonwealth’s criminal code. Many schools utilize their own security teams to protect their students, and these teams have an obligation to report any alleged criminal activity to local law enforcement. As a result, any alleged violations of the law may quickly become a matter for a local criminal court.

College can become a time for temptation. Many students have never lived on their own before and may suffer from a harsh adjustment period with newfound freedom. Sadly, law enforcement has no sympathy for these people. Common examples of criminal charges that may result from a single incident include:

While most of these allegations are mere misdemeanors, a conviction will still result in the creation of a criminal record. A criminal record may jeopardize a person’s future chances at obtaining a job after graduation. As a result, it is vital to fight back against any criminal accusation while a Virginia student. A Virginia student defense lawyer could help to defeat a prosecutor’s case in court.

Preserving the Educational Privileges of Students

While avoiding a criminal conviction is certainly the paramount concern of any student facing criminal accusations, they should also keep their educational future in mind. Schools require all students to act in a responsible manner. While every school’s exact code will vary, they all likely consider a criminal accusation a violation of this code.

Schools also maintain their own means to investigate and punish alleged wrongdoing. In many cases, a school may still administer punishment even if a student avoids conviction in court. These punishments can range in severity from a written admonishment to a mandated change in housing, to suspension, to expulsion.

A Virginia student defense lawyer could help clients to protect their educational futures. They can work to help prepare a defense according to the specific rules of a client’s school. These rules may limit a defendant’s access to an attorney during interviews and hearings. Nevertheless, an attorney could help to prepare official statements and conduct mock hearing sessions to help prepare clients to mount an effective defense.

A Virginia Student Defense Attorney Can Help to Protect Your Future

Any person facing a criminal accusation ought to be concerned. A conviction for any criminal charge will create a criminal record and could result in significant jail time. However, students facing charges should be doubly cautious. While they will face the same charges in court, their schools may also take disciplinary action, even if a court does not convict.

A Virginia student defense lawyer could help you when facing any type of criminal charge. They can work to develop a defense in criminal court designed to defeat a prosecutor’s case. In addition, they can work within the confines of your school’s disciplinary board to protect your right to continue your education. Contact a Virginia student defense lawyer today to learn more.

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