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Under most circumstances if you are charged with a drug conspiracy charge, you are going to face the same types of penalties you would for a completed drug crime. The most common drug conspiracy includes conspiracy for drug distribution, and conspiracy for drug trafficking or conspiracy to import drugs into the Commonwealth of Virginia. All these drug conspiracy cases are very serious, and they are prosecuted very aggressively because conspiracies are viewed as the tip of the spear of the drug distribution networks. As a result, if you have been charged with a drug offense in Virginia it is imperative that you contact a Virginia drug conspiracy lawyer to help you build your defense. 

Elements of Drug Conspiracy

In these cases they first need to prove all the elements of the drug offense, as well as the elements of the conspiracy. To prove the elements of the conspiracy they must show a meeting of the minds and next step to move along that agreement. This is typically known as “the act in furtherance”. The “act in furtherance” does not necessarily have to be something overt such as starting the distribution process and may be something more subtle. However, after meeting of the minds  evidence of some sort of action is required to prove that a conspiracy is in progress.


A variety of tools and tactics are used for drug conspiracy investigations. The most common of these are undercover officers or UCs or  confidential informants, also known as CIs. In addition to these live person law enforcement investigation techniques, local law enforcement whether it be Loudoun County or town of Leesburg or the state police, also use a variety of technology methods to assist in the investigation and enforcement. Wire taps, search warrants, cell phone drafts, and photographic and video surveillance are commonly used in support of serious drug distribution or conspiracy and drug distribution investigations.

Conspiracy and the Underlying Offenses

In the Commonwealth it is a common misconception that you cannot be charged with both a conspiracy for the committed act as well as completed act. However, as a Virginia drug conspiracy lawyer will tell you, this is not actually the case. If the Commonwealth police have evidence of both, then you may be charged with conspiracy commitment of the act and the completion of the act as different charges.

Hiring An Attorney

Because these cases are highly complex, they require knowledge of investigative techniques and defenses that may lie there. It is important to talk to a Virginia drug conspiracy attorney who has handled conspiracy cases and handled serious investigations through drug networks before. Someone who handles simple drug possession offenses and does not have experience in more complicated matters may not be the best choice for you. As such, it is important to talk to a variety of attorneys who practice this area of law and find out who best fits your personality and who communicates effectively as to what must be proven and the rest of the necessary information about your case.

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