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Child abuse is whenever someone does not do something that leads to harm or commits an injury to the child. An individual who is charged with child abuse could be looking at severe penalties. If the child abuse and/or neglect is serious enough that is causes a serious injury or death, it can be charged as a Class 4 felony. If it is less serious but still so gross and wanton and culpable to show a reckless disregard for life, it can be a Class 6 felony. Other times, child abuse can be charged as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

If you have been charged with child abuse, you should reach out to an accomplished domestic violence attorney. Let a Virginia child abuse lawyer advocate for you.

What Happens After Child Abuse is Reported?

There are multiple paths that could be taken after an instance of child abuse is reported. A child abuse report may lead to a criminal investigation. In this case, law enforcement will investigate the allegation and decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against the accused person. A child abuse allegation could lead to a civil case. The local Department of Family Services or the local Child Protective Services organization, whichever is applicable, will do their own investigation to determine whether the child is in a safe place or in need of services. They may take civil actions and remove the child irrespective of what happens with the criminal part of the case. A child abuse report could lead to both a civil and criminal case.

Consequences of a Child Abuse Charge

Just being charged with the crime of child abuse may have some immediate criminal consequences. For one, a child abuse charge could cause a change in the family situation. The child may be removed from the home, and child custody or visitation may be limited or supervised. The accused individual may also face issues regarding their job or problems within their community.

The criminal penalties of a child abuse charge are serious. The defendant could be looking at jail time, expensive fines, and probation. Therefore, it is crucial for a defendant to seek the services of a child abuse lawyer in Virginia right away.

If someone is convicted of the crime of child abuse, it is a serious matter as are the short-term and long-term consequences. No one wants to have a child abuse conviction on their record. A conviction will create a negative situation and have an adverse impact on their lives. If it is a felony, the person will lose civil rights in addition to having a felony conviction.

Call a Virginia Child Abuse Attorney Today

A person who has been accused of abusing a child should contact a Virginia child abuse lawyer as soon as possible. If someone is accused of a serious offense like this, they should not waste time. They should contact an experienced attorney who handles these cases regularly.

A seasoned lawyer could fight for you and possibly help you reach a favorable outcome to your case. Call today if you are facing child abuse charges.

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