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Misconceptions of Virginia Gun Law 

It can be difficult to avoid violating gun laws if you are not aware of what the laws are. Misconceptions of Virginia gun law can be harmful, causing individuals to break laws that they are not aware of. That is why it is important to speak with a skilled gun lawyer if you have been charged with a gun offense. An accomplished attorney could help ensure that your rights are protected and fight tirelessly for you.

Misconceptions that Virginia Gun Laws are Lax

One of the misconceptions of Virginia gun law is that the laws will be particularly lax because Virginia is a hunting state. However, just because Virginia supports people who use firearms legally, does not mean that they allow everyone in the State to use firearms or use them without serious regulation.

Individuals do not think of Virginia as a place where there would be regulations. As a result, sometimes individuals get in trouble for things like not having a separate concealed carry permit that they take with them. Some people do not think of it like that and do not look it up, thus finding themselves in violation for not doing their due diligence in assuming that Virginia would not require them to comply with any kind of unique circumstances. Virginia is very law-heavy on firearm possession.

Eligibility to Own a Gun and Disclosure

An individual should find out if they are eligible to buy a gun before they try to buy it, and when buying the gun, there is certain information a person has to disclose honestly. If an individual is applying for or otherwise trying to legally own a gun in the State of Virginia, they should be honest on all of the applications with the government because they can and will bring further charges against the individual. There is a separate offense if they lie on a gun application which is extremely serious.

Keeping a Firearm Safe and Secure

One of the common misconceptions of Virginia gun law is that registering a firearm is the only thing they have to do to avoid violating gun laws. Once a person has a firearm, there are certain ways that a person must care for and transport it in order to stay compliant with Virginia Gun Law. One of the ways that an individual can do so is by keeping the firearm safe and locked up. An individual should make sure no one has access to their firearms, and they should also avoid giving prohibited parties access to their gun. If that individual’s gun is used in the commission of a crime, depending on what the individual’s role was, e.g., if they were complicit in the crim or acted negligently by provided the gun, they could be held responsible for crimes committed with their firearm.

Importance of Consulting a Virginia Gun Lawyer

Following an arrest for a gun offense, it is important for you to avoid making any statements without your attorney present. You must avoid self-incrimination at all costs. It is also important for you to consult a skilled gun lawyer that could figure out what is likely to happen next. The attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to mitigate the penalties you may face and build your case. Speak with a seasoned legal advocate that could dispel misconceptions of Virginia gun law, while protecting your gun rights.

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