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Virginia Fraud Investigations

A Virginia fraud investigation can be complicated. For evidence, a person will want any witnesses to what transpired or any videos surveillance. The most important thing in fraud cases is are physical statements. If bad checks or credit card fraud is involved, the focus is on the statement itself. If a statement was made in a written form or oral form, an attorney will look at that, and they will look at the documents where the person forged a signature.

Statements made from fraud, written or oral, have to do with the definition of fraud. It is a false representation of something, so documents would be pertinent in the case. A person is looking at that document in question, and then because of the nature, a polygraph or writing exemplar could also be involved. This is equivalent of a photo lineup. The person might have to think of a writing sample, trying to compare those writings to see if the defendant’s writing or voice lineups match. Fraud investigations can be confusing, talk to a professional attorney today to clear up any misunderstandings.

Internet and Fraud Cases

The Internet has had a hand in changing fraud cases and Virginia fraud investigations. It actually broadened fraud even more by adding other types of fraud crimes like theft of trade secrets or trying to trade with a company under a different cover. For instance, a company that is struggling financially could trade with another company across the globe by representing that they have the proper funds or the liquidation needed in order to trade with them. The Internet has broadened the scope of fraud investigations, complicating the matter.

Fraud Cases vs Other Crimes

In cases like DUIs or assault, statements are important. Statements made to law enforcement officers or to somebody in the business deal as according to a contract. In Virginia fraud investigations, an attorney investigates how the statements were made, what was said, and what the statement impacts. The hard part in Virginia fraud investigations is finding the statements, oral or written. That is how the Commonwealth’s attorney is going to be able to prove their case. They have to prove that their representations were false and the defense attorneys are trying to do the same. They are trying to get to where that statement was made to use it for the defense side.

Common Mistakes

For fraud, there is an investigation first that tries to see whether there were false statements or not, and the defendant at this point gets statements and meets with law enforcement officers. A lot of times people feel the need to be cooperative, which they should, but they should not be making certain statements to the police.

A big mistake that many people make is that they willingly give a statement or they willingly write a confession that later implicates them. The proper thing to do is to consult with an attorney to talk to the law enforcement officer and not make any type of statement.

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