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Drug trafficking is a serious offense and anyone charged should speak with a distinguished drug lawyer who can speak throughout their trial on their behalf. A Stafford County drug trafficking lawyer can help you consider important and impactful parts of your case such as where the arrest took place. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to begin fighting for your future.

What Are the Common Substance Traffic Offenses?

The primary charge associated with trafficking drugs is found under Virginia code Section 18.2-248 and this is a section of the law that covers a range of behavior, everything from manufacturing to selling to distributing, to even just possessing drugs with intent to distribute them.

Role of Jurisdiction Borders in Trafficking Cases

As a Stafford County drug trafficking lawyer knows, the role of jurisdictions can impact the location of someone’s case and the law enforcement involved in the case. The roles that border’s jurisdictions can play will depend entirely upon the specific border. The county borders can dictate the venue of where the trial for where a drug trafficking offense may take place. If there is criminal activity across the state lines, that may implicate federal statutes in addition to any state laws that may have been broken.

Stafford County law enforcement is trying to crack down on drug trafficking primarily through observation and enforcement as well through assisting prosecutors and vigorously prosecuting cases. This is going to include everything from drug task forces and officers who are trained in this particular area of the law. They may also cultivate close relationships between law enforcement and prosecutors to attempt to have success in prosecuting cases of this nature. Anyone facing these charges should speak with an attorney to better understand the process ahead of them.

How Often Do Drug Trafficking Cases Involve Multiple Defendants?

Drug trafficking cases frequently involve multiple defendants. There is often more than one person involved in the criminal enterprise such as the person who manufactures the drug, the one who distributes to the dealers, and people at the lowest level who are either dealing the drugs or users of the drugs.

What Are the Associated Risks of Multiple Defendants?

A Stafford County drug trafficking lawyer knows that when there are multiple defendants in the case, there is always an added layer of complexity. One of the primary dangers or concerns in the case like that is that one of the co-defendants could get the chance to provide evidence against the other co-defendants in exchange for a more favorable plea. Sometimes the information they provide may not even be true because it is for their own agenda.

Important Information A Potential Client Should Retain

It is important to understand that playing almost any part in a drug trafficking operation can subject someone to the harsh penalties. A Stafford County drug trafficking lawyer knows that these charges are often equated with consequences of a substance manufacturer or even the leader of an organization. This often means the individual could face charges tied with conspiracy laws. It is important to hire an attorney because almost every person allegedly involved could potentially be subjected to the same criminal liability as every other person in the trial.

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