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Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship Award Winners

Having received many impressive applications from students around the country, we are happy to announce the recognition of an outstanding young woman who demonstrates the importance of hard work and perseverance and stands as an inspiration for sustainable and local health-initiatives in her community.

2016 Winner: Kayla Hunter

Spelman College student Kayla Hunter is the 2016 winner of the Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship.In 2016, Kayla Hunter, a senior at Spelman College, is the winner of the Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship celebrating students connection to their communities and dedication to their education. Currently finishing her undergraduate degree, Kayla displays a commitment to environmental studies as she applies to programs for her Master’s of Planning/Public Health for the Fall of 2017.

Kayla’s aspires to receive her Master’s and PhD in Health Policy in order to conduct groundbreaking research in health disparities and policy and serves as a great example of how her dedication to her education will lead to groundbreaking accessible health research and programming, impacting the future of those around her.

Her determination to study public health and discover further why health disparities exist draws her to continue her education and service her community, acting as an influence to others. She dreams to be the voice of her community, inspiring others to focus on environmental justice and reduce health disparities, which will lead to healthier communities in the future for everyone.

Upon receiving this scholarship, she commented feeling more confident in completing her last year at Spelman, and as a scholar, social justice advocate, and future graduate student, she stated she has finally learned to not doubt her capability to succeed and achieve her dreams.

2017 Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for the 2017 Thomas Soldan Healthy Communities Scholarship please visit our scholarship page in the link to view submissions requirements and application criteria.

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