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We have all been taught that stealing is wrong. Most people would be embarrassed or ashamed if another person accused us of theft. Taking other people’s things is wrong, but the situation can be scary when a robbery is involved.

Robbery is typically a more violent crime where one person is taking property directly from another person. Because the act is done directly to another person, the police may approach suspects as if they are dangerous and the punishment is more severe.

If the police have accused you of robbing someone, you may require legal services. Because of the serious nature of the act, the possible penalties are quite high. An experienced theft attorney who works in the area may have a better understanding of how the local judicial system operates and be able to help guide you through the process.

A Manassas robbery lawyer may be helpful in fashioning a strong defense plan in order to work towards the best outcome possible.

Robbery Laws in Manassas

Elements of Robbery

If a prosecutor wishes to prove a person committed robbery, the government must prove the following elements:

  • That the actor took,
  • By violence, force or threats,
  • The property of another,
  • From that person or in that person’s presence,
  • With the plan to permanently take the property away from the owner.

The taking is when the actor has actual control over the other person’s property. The item stolen must have actually belonged to the person. The owner needed to have witnessed the theft of the item. If the actor made a mistake as to who owned the property or what the actor was taking, there might not have been intent. Lastly, there must be some element of violence or intimidation. For more information, contact a dedicated robbery lawyer in Manassas.

Prohibited Acts Related to Robbery

The type of violence the law prohibits is described in the Code of Virginia § 18.2-58. The actor may not strangle, suffocate, hit, beat, or commit other violence against the property’s owner. The actor also may not assault or cause the owner to be fearful of injury or use some deadly weapon as a threat.

Vehicle Robbery

Stealing a car while the owner is in or near the car is referred to as carjacking. The Code of Virginia § 18.2-58.1 states that using the same type of violence described above to deprive someone of their car, temporarily or permanently, is a crime.

Penalties for Robbery

If the court finds a person guilty of robbing another person, the court may punish that person with up to life in prison, but no less than five years. Robbery is a felony and felony convictions may cause a person to lose other rights, such as the right to possess a firearm. A person may still vote but might find it difficult to obtain a job because of the criminal record. There is also the issue of harm to a person’s reputation.

If the government convicts someone of carjacking, the court must sentence that person to at least 15 years in jail and up to a life term.

Reach Out to a Manassas Robbery Attorney Today

Nothing may ever be as stressful as dealing with an accusation which could result in a life sentence. Considering the high stakes, you may not wish to approach the problem on your own. An attorney who has knowledge and training in this field may be of utmost importance.

Before you speak with the police or take a plea bargain from a prosecutor, sit down with a Manassas robbery lawyer. There may be many different factors at play of which you have no awareness. Protect yourself and your future by finding out more information today.

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