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Hiring a Loudon County Robbery Attorney

When someone has been charged with robbery, they should look for an attorney who is experienced in handling these cases, who understands the consequences of robbery, and who is practicing in the local jurisdiction. In a robbery case, there are many factors to be considered as the case develops, including constitutional and witness issues. An attorney who practices locally will know the chain of evidence as well as how best to use their findings to the defendant’s advantage. An attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable will also know the officers involved, the Commonwealth attorney assigned to the case, and may even know the judges.

If you have been charged with robbery, you may want to consider hiring a Loudoun County robbery attorney. An accomplished robbery lawyer could fight for you and possibly help you reach a favorable outcome to your case.

Why Might a Defendant Choose to Not Hire a Lawyer?

The main circumstances under which a person might choose not to hire an attorney for a robbery charge are that they do not have sufficient funds and they ask the court to appoint them an attorney. If someone is deemed by the court to be indigent, they qualify for a public defender or other court-appointed counsel. The General Assembly in Virginia set indigent guidelines to determine whether someone is qualified based on income level, attendance, federal assistance, and other factors. Therefore, it is extraordinarily rare for someone to represent themselves in a robbery charge in Loudoun County.

The Constitution gives everyone the right to represent themselves, but that is never a good idea. Even attorneys hire other attorneys when they are charged with criminal offenses, even minor ones such as traffic infractions. It is even more important if a person is charged with a serious offense that could lead to an extended imprisonment. The consequences for a conviction are too serious for a defendant to not consider hiring a Loudoun County robbery attorney.

How a Robbery Attorney Could Help

A robbery defense attorney will help someone arrested on suspicion of robbery by helping them understand the exact charges they face, including the elements of the offense and what must be proven for them to be found guilty. A seasoned attorney will also investigate the case and look for any mitigating evidence. After doing this, the lawyer will explain to the defendant how to best create a legal and factual defense.

The attorney also will help the defendant understand the potential penalties, given a variety of potential outcomes so they can determine whether a trial is an option or if they should try to negotiate a plea agreement, and if the latter, how and when to conduct it.

Steps a Lawyer Will Take After Taking a Case

The first thing an attorney will do when taking on a robbery case is try to understand exactly what happened, what evidence the Commonwealth has, the allegations, and then what could be done to try to refute them and determine what the prosecution lacks.

Most attorneys will do a significant amount of the investigation themselves and be hands-on as much as possible in the process. They also want to use out-of-office investigators who are professionals in information-gathering and collecting.

Robbery is treated seriously by prosecutors in Loudoun County. Therefore, it is essential for defendants to obtain a skilled lawyer who could help. Call today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a Loudoun County robbery attorney.

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