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Building a Loudoun County Robbery Defense

Robbery charges carry significant penalties and long-term repercussions. If you are facing charges, you should reach out to a dedicated lawyer who is experienced with building a Loudoun County robbery defense. An experienced robbery lawyer could fight for you and help you reach a favorable resolution to your case. An attorney could also prepare you for trial and give you legal advice on your options.

Refuting Evidence

When building a Loudoun County robbery defense, the attorney is always attempting to use all strategies available to refute the prosecution’s evidence. To do this, the lawyer may try to suppress evidence or challenge the way that the evidence was collected.

Defense attorneys often attempt to create reasonable doubt in favor of the defendant by demonstrating potential inaccuracies. Those may include statements made many times in different ways and statements that can be used to the accused’s benefit.

Expert Witnesses in Robbery Cases

Expert witnesses are a critical part of robbery trials, particularly in attempting to demonstrate potential inaccuracies. The use of an expert witness may be to bolster a certain element that is in controversy or just to educate a fact-finder, especially in robbery cases to show that certain types of evidence are not necessarily trustworthy. An expert witness could refute fingerprint or DNA evidence.

Expert witnesses also may be used for physical clarifications such as the calculation on when a person was in one place or another, citations on identification, or many other things the prosecution may use against the defendant.

Eyewitness Testimony

Some issues that could arise when dealing with eyewitness testimony in robbery cases revolve around human fallibility. A prime example is eyewitness testimony. A defense attorney will deal eyewitness statements by drawing out what their point of view is, what biases they may have, to deny, refute, or weaken the strength of that testimony. Some important ways in which document-based evidence is used by the defense are in counteracting a police officer’s or an individual’s testimony that is important to a case.

Constitutional Issues in Robbery Cases

Many constitutional issues may come up in robbery cases, the most common being issues involving the Fourth Amendment, which covers illegal searches and seizures. Another is the Sixth Amendment involving the right to remain silent.

Constitutional issues may have an impact on a case regarding the suppression of evidence. The Fourth Amendment issues could lead to the exclusion of certain necessary evidence that the Commonwealth needs to pursue a potential conviction in the case. A Loudoun County lawyer will look into any constitutional issues when they begin building a robbery defense.

Call a Loudoun County Lawyer About Building a Robbery Defense

Some essential things to look for in a criminal defense attorney when an individual is facing charges is a person they feel comfortable with, who can communicate with them about the case, and what steps would be taken in the case. They should want to talk to an attorney who has experience in the local jurisdiction, who has experience with a similar case, and who has a strong game plan to deal with the person’s case in the best way possible.

If you are facing charges, contact an accomplished lawyer today about building a Loudoun County robbery defense.

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