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Loudoun County Robbery Case Arraignments

An arraignment is the first step in a criminal trial process. The purpose of an arraignment is to officially inform the accused of the crime they are charged with. Loudoun County robbery case arraignments need to happen shortly after an arrest to protect a defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial. A seasoned robbery lawyer could act as a representative for you throughout the entire criminal court process.

The arraignment stage of the arrest process is just to determine what an individual is going to do about their right to counsel. It may be helpful to speak with an attorney to understand everything the judge is saying and how the process will continue.

Robbery Arraignment Location

In Virginia, arraignments take place in the general district court in which the case originated, including in Loudoun County, if they are arrested on an arrest warrant. If someone is arrested on a direct indictment, the arraignment will take place in the circuit court. In Virginia, the initial hearing with or without an attorney is referred to as advisement, not an arraignment, because the person is not entering a plea, which one would expect at an arraignment.

What is Discussed at an Arraignment?

When someone is arraigned on a robbery charge, the judge tells them what their offenses are and lets them know that they can seek private counsel or be considered for court-appointed counsel. Then the bond procedure will be determined.

Flight Risk

In the context of a robbery, flight risk means the individual is considered at risk of fleeing if they are released on bond. If the accused is considered to be a flight risk, then they will not be issued bond. For a defendant to not be considered a flight risk, it generally means that they have extensive ties to their community, obligations they cannot leave like children, or they lack the means to leave the jurisdiction.

Danger to the Public

Because robbery is a violent crime, judges may have a concern for the safety of the public if the accused commits another violent act. Prior convictions or offenses for violent acts can increase a person’s chance of being considered a danger to the public. Potentially dangerous individuals are less likely to be granted bond or bail.

Plea Options

If a person is charged with a criminal offense, they have the option to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The guilty plea means the person admits they committed the offense intentionally. The not-guilty plea does the opposite by claiming innocence and accepting no responsibility for the crime committed. A no-contest plea is a refusal to plead guilty, but not disagreeing with or contesting the evidence the prosecution would present. In Virginia, a no-contest plea is used similarly to a guilty plea.

When considering a plea, it is essential to understand how a guilty plea may affect a person and their rights in the present and the future, and how it may affect the overall outcome of the case and sentencing. An experienced attorney who handles criminal cases regularly in Loudoun County could give someone advice on which plea is best for their case. The most misunderstood thing about pleas in Virginia is that a person does not have to enter a plea until they have decided on a case strategy. Defendants do not make a plea at the Loudoun County robbery case arraignment.

How a Loudoun County Lawyer Could Help During Robbery Case Arraignments

It is imperative to understand that a plea bargain may be helpful; however, it comes with consequences. In a robbery case, a plea bargain will likely trigger a guilty verdict and the consequences that come with it. However, a plea agreement may be in your best interest.

An attorney experienced in handling robbery matters could help you understand what taking a plea bargain means and what you can expect when entering an agreement. Call a criminal defense attorney today for help with regarding Loudoun County robbery case arraignments.

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