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Leesburg Third-Offense DUI License Suspensions

A Leesburg third offense DUI license suspension is a serious consequence of having multiple DUI convictions. Having a drivers license removed, even for a short period of time, can have lasting repercussions on your life. For instance, your work can be negatively affected if you are unable to drive. A seasoned third-offense DUI lawyer may be able to clarify the process of administrative license removal and fight to potentially get your license back.

What Happens to One’s Drivers License After a Third DUI Offense?

After a third-offense Leesburg DUI charge, a person’s driver’s license is typically suspended until the trial date. This is an administrative suspension that happens if there is a breath test above 0.08 or refusal of the breath test. The administrative license suspension could be challenged and in a third-offense DUI. If someone is convicted, their license will also be suspended. That period of suspension is going to be an indefinite suspension. Therefore, it is essential for defendants to contact a dedicated lawyer who could help with building a strong defense.

Challenging a Suspension of a Driver’s License

Challenging Leesburg third-offense DUI license suspensions is more challenging than first and second offenses. There may be limited expenses for the time and effort into challenging an administrative license suspension, especially for a first offense when the license suspension is only for seven days. However, a third DUI offense will result in a license suspension is until the trial date. This means that they could go a long period of time without a license after being charged with a third DUI offense.

An administrative license suspension challenge is something that is done in the general district court with the ability to appeal it to the circuit court. An administrative license suspension challenge is also not binding on the fact-finder as to the result of the case. This means that a defendant may be successful in getting the court to grant their license back, but it does not mean that that same issue would be ruled upon the same way if and when the case goes to trial.

Applying for a Restricted License After a Third DUI Charge

Drivers cannot apply for a restricted license after being charged with a third-offense DUI in Leesburg. If someone is charged with their third DUI, they lose their license pursuant to the administrative license suspension. The statute does not allow them to obtain a restricted operator’s license.

Steps to Get a License Back Following a DUI Arrest

If acquitted of the DUI, the individual’s license is automatically returned to them and drivers do not need to take further steps to get their license back. If it has been longer than the statutory time in which their license has been administratively suspended, however, they may have to go to the DMV to physically pick up a new license. If convicted, the license will likely remain unavailable and the driver may be barred from getting a license for years.

Contact a DUI Lawyer Today

If you are facing a Leesburg third-offense DUI license suspension, a dedicated attorney may be able to help fight for your rights. A lawyer could discuss all possible options to potentially get your license back to you or clarify the process of removing your driver’s license. Call today for a consultation and to learn more.

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