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Fraud is taken seriously in Fredericksburg. There are different ways that a person can end up with a charge for credit card fraud in Fredericksburg. First is with the intent to defraud any person for the purpose of obtaining money, goods, or services. To do that, a person uses a credit card that is expired or they use a card without the consent of the owner of the credit card.

The other way for a credit card fraud charge to occur is if a person tries to defraud the credit card issuer, the entity issuing the credit card. Also, if they get control of the credit card and uses it for a collateral or payment of a debt. A Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer knows how difficult this situation can be. Call an experienced attorney today to learn more.

Charges and Consequences

When a person gets control of a credit card that does not belong to them, and uses it to gain collateral for a debt or uses a credit card that does belong to them to get money from a credit card issuer above the approved limits, they face serious penalties. If a person tries to use their credit card for a higher amount with the intent to defraud, they can be charged with credit card fraud.

The crimes are considered kinds of moral turpitude. The criminal history can hinder them from getting jobs in the future. Certain jobs can be alerted if an individual is convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor. There can be jail times that are imposed and large fines. Restitution could be involved, which can cause a monetary drain. It is a serious charge and a person should seek the assistance of a Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer.

Misconceptions About Credit Card Fraud

There are many misconceptions about using credit cards and determining fraud. These are scenarios in which a person thinks that there is not a limit on their credit card. Some people think that there is not a limit on their credit card, but there actually is. A person should be careful not to exceed that limit because if there is any intent to defraud, then they are looking at credit card fraud charge. The other misconception is going over the credit limit. Some people think it is okay, as long as they pay that. However, it is not acceptable and if there is evidence of an intent then they could be looking at a credit card fraud charge. A Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer can provide more information.

Role of a Fredericksburg Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

If the individual calls an attorney while in the investigation phase, there are a lot of chances that the attorney could prevent any upcoming charges. They could help in resolving the investigation. They could help dispel whatever concerns are there and the person would end up with no actual charge coming their way.

They can talk to the officers, represent the individual’s side of the story, represent any defenses that the person has to whatever is going on, or explain their side of the story. That way, the investigation will be concluded favorably. If there is a scenario where the person is charged, then the attorneys would help by evaluating the strength of the case, what the elements of the charges are, whether or not the Commonwealth’s attorney prove it, and what mitigating factors the defense attorney can present to reach a plea deal and amend the charge down if it comes to that.

Throughout the process, the Fredericksburg credit card fraud lawyer preserves evidence, gathers any pieces of evidence to be used at trial, talks to witnesses, approaches witnesses or family members that could testify, and handles the litigation at trial. Call one today for legal reassurance.

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