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Fredericksburg DUI While on Probation 

If someone is charged with a Fredericksburg DUI while on probation for prior offenses, they may have some significant things to consider. Being charged for a DUI while on probation as well as being convicted may be in violation of the terms and conditions of a person’s suspended sentence for a prior charge. Someone can be charged and convicted of a subsequent offense for DUI while on probation.

If an individual in Fredericksburg is facing charges of a DUI while on probation, they should contact a skilled DUI lawyer immediately. A Fredericksburg DUI lawyer can discuss the best plan for the upcoming trial in order to meet the most appropriate outcome.

Impact of Prior DUI’s

If someone has a potential probation violation from DUI charges and they are found guilty, it may impact the case in a number of ways. A case-by-case basis will determine how it will impact their case. Some common examples are when someone is facing a probation violation, they may be more apt to try a questionable case rather than accept the favorable agreement.

An individual can have a case of probation for violating the existing probation, depending on the type of violation and the judge’s discretion, a person may receive probation for violating the initial probation. How that occurs is that their suspended sentence is re-imposed and then suspended, and the person is given additional probation. Someone acquitted on a Fredericksburg DUI case will most likely not go back on probation.

Probation Conditions

A Fredericksburg DUI arrest, while on probation is always a serious matter, because it may have significant consequences. Typical conditions include keeping the peace in addition to general good behavior. These are conditions mean incur no further violations of the law and violate no federal, state, or local laws. Other common conditions are to refrain from excessive use of alcohol, pay fines and court costs, and complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. If someone is on supervised probation, they may have regular meetings with probation officers with regards to the case, as well.

If someone is on probation, being charged with a Fredericksburg DUI, and subsequently acquitted of that DUI, would not be considered probation violation just to be charged. However, this depends on the local jurisdiction and may vary on a case by case basis.


In Fredericksburg, the penalties for the DUI are the same. There are no enhanced penalties for a DUI arrest if someone is on probation, but it would have an impact because they would have the ability to be convicted of a new DUI offense and face those punishments as well as the old DUI offenses.

Driving Penalties

If someone is charged with a Fredericksburg DUI without a license, they will face a new charge of a DUI and an additional charge for driving without a license. Generally, if someone violated one law, the DUI charge may be viewed as an additional issue that may show that they have little respect for the law. Typically, Fredericksburg DUI and driving with a suspended license cases will be heard at the same time. Generally, a DUI offense involving a person driving on a suspended license would typically have more serious penalties than driving without a license.

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