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Posting Bond Following a Fredericksburg DUI Arrest

An unexpected DUI arrest can upend your life. You may find yourself scrambling to get your affairs in order. By posting bond for a Fredericksburg DUI, you will have the opportunity to spend time at home and prepare for your pending trial. Posting bond also allows you to retain a sense of normality during the trial. Therefore, if you have been arrested and are interested in posting bond for a Fredericksburg DUI, consult with an experienced DUI lawyer who can discuss the options available to you.

 Bond in Fredericksburg

A bond can be posted in a variety of ways. Most commonly, a bond is posted through cash or corporate surety. Cash means that a person actually posts the entirety of the bond amount themselves or a family member does it on their behalf. If someone posts a cash bond, they can receive the entirety of the bond at the conclusion of the case. Though cash bonds are economically more favorable because the person has their opportunity to get their money back, they are not common.

More commonly, a bond is a corporate surety bond which is often assisted by a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman or bail bonding company can work with an accused to help pay a percentage of the bond amount in exchange for the person’s release. If the person fails to appear, the bail bondsman will bring them in.

The most common bond percentage that bail bonds in Fredericksburg throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia is 10% of the bond amount. For example, the magistrate’s bond amount is $2,000 cash or corporate surety. This means that a person can post $200 with a bail bondsman for their release.

Posting Bond in Fredericksburg

People should know that if they are considering posting bond for a Fredericksburg DUI, they should talk to an experienced DUI attorney about what their options are. They may use cash bond, corporate surety bond and, in some limited circumstances, they may also consider to use a real estate bond. Real estate bonds are less common in Virginia but they are still authorized by statute. The most common is cash or corporate surety, but they want to make sure if they use a bond, they use someone experienced with local procedures so that they can bond them out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pre-Trial Release and Supervision

If an individual’s bond is denied by a magistrate or if their initial bond conditions are unreasonable, a DUI attorney may assist them in filing a bond motion. A bond motion or bond reconsideration may be brought before the court to ask for the court to issue more reasonable conditions on an individual’s bond. If necessary, an attorney can file a bond for an individual; present their arguments at the court and then move forward from there with what an individual’s options are.

If someone is released on a supervised bond versus a surety bond or a real estate bond, they may have conditions they are required to follow. These conditions, also known as pre-trial services, are put in place to make sure a person does not re-offend during the time they are awaiting their court date, and to provide an extra level of supervision in addition to the bond amount.

The most common type of pre-trial supervision is in coordination with the local Fredericksburg pre-trial office to make sure the person is drug and alcohol-free. The local pre-trial office is made to order drug or alcohol screens that may check out the person on a regular basis.

Pre-trial supervision may include what is called the Soberlink or Silverlink device which is essentially an alcohol monitor that a person is required to wear on their person. Usually as a wrist or ankle bracelet that requires regular testing to make sure that the person remains alcohol-free.

Importance of a DUI Attorney

A well-versed  DUI lawyer can help an individual understand the process of posting bond for a Fredericksburg DUI, and can begin to gather evidence as soon as possible. This may include assisting them in a bond motion, assisting them with analyzing what evidence their administrative license suspension is appropriate, preserving certain evidence, requesting video or requesting third party evidence such as witness statements, witness video and the like. There are a variety of things that an attorney can do for an individual, which is why if you have been arrested for a DUI, contacting a capable lawyer is essential.

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