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Drug possession refers to any illegal or unprescribed substance that is on a person, including any clothing or jackets they are wearing. Possession can also include when an illegal drug is nearby if an accused is aware of the drug’s presence and has the opportunity to exert control over the drug, often referred to as constructive possession.

Possession of drugs in Fredericksburg is viewed as a criminal violation of the law. All drug use, possession, and distribution cases are a priority for local law enforcement. If you have been charged with a drug possession offense, consult a capable drug possession attorney that could fight tirelessly in your defense.

Illegal Drug Possession Charges

A person is often found possessing illegal drugs in Fredericksburg when they encounter law enforcement, even for something as simple as a traffic stop or just passing each other on the street. If law enforcement has any reason to suspect drug possession such as erratic behavior or acting nervously or other evidence of intoxication, they will investigate and probably search the individual.

Some factors impacting the seriousness of a drug possession charge include the quantity or weight of the substance found, the nature of the substance, and the circumstances surrounding arrests such as proximity to a school, the number of people nearby, and whether an accused was driving.

Consequences of Drug Possession

All drug charges carry serious penalties in Fredericksburg. An expired prescription or possession of marijuana might result in a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction, while possession of most other substances will be a felony that carries up to 10 years in prison.

Being convicted of drug possession also severely impacts a person’s life because once convicted, that person faces the stigma in obtaining employment as well as the loss of their license for a period of time, as well as the imposition of court costs and fines. A conviction can be a mark on someone’s life that makes it hard to find work. A determined Fredericksburg drug possession lawyer could work to mitigate the penalties a person may face.

Diversion Programs

For people charged with drug possession for the first time, Virginia allows for a first offender drug program. If someone is charged with possession of drugs for the first time, a judge must approve entry into the program. The program includes mandatory attendance of drug treatment, community service, maintaining sobriety for a full year, and a period of supervised probation.

Building a Drug Possession Defense

A Fredericksburg drug possession lawyer could build a defense for possession charges by challenging the alleged nature of the substance or confronting violations of an accused’s constitutional rights. Defenses could also arise based on conversations that an attorney has with the accused regarding the circumstances of the arrest.

Important Aspects of Drug Possession Offenses

People should know that drug possession, even if it involves small quantities, is serious, and they will be prosecuted for it. People should also be aware of their constitutional rights. These rights include the right to refuse to consent to a search and the right to remain silent during an investigation. Individuals also have the right to immediately ask for a Fredericksburg drug possession attorney upon arrest.

Value of a Fredericksburg Drug Possession Attorney

It is important to contact a Fredericksburg drug possession lawyer as soon as possible so that the lawyer can begin to build a defense, investigate the case, and gain an understanding of the evidence that will be presented against you. A lawyer familiar with controlled substances under the law is going to be best prepared to assist you. If you face drug possession charges, contact a skilled drug attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

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