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Fairfax Robbery Charge

Being charged with any criminal act can be a frightening experience, especially when the potential penalties might be severe. If you are facing a Fairfax robbery charge, consider reaching out to a skilled lawyer for help.

Beyond the immediate punishment, a criminal charge on your record might have a lasting impact on your future employment and livelihood. Furthermore, Virginia is an open record state, meaning that anyone can walk into the courthouse and follow the correct procedures to get a copy of an arrest record.

Because of this, having a dedicated legal professional on your side might be essential for protecting your rights.

How Robbery Charges Happen

One of the most common ways that an individual can be charged with robbery is, of course, by getting caught in the act. However, they might also be accused of being an accessory to the offense—such as being a getaway driver or a conspirator to the offense.

Furthermore, a person could be charged if they try to commit a robbery and fail. This is because they still attempted to commit the principal offense.

Defining Attempt or Conspiracy of Robbery

If someone is charged with attempted robbery or conspiracy to commit robbery, it affects their case because they are not charged necessarily with the same exact offense. The Commonwealth must prove an attempt or conspiracy case in a similar manner, however, meaning they must prove that the elements of the underlying offense are attempt or conspiracy to commit that offense.

Furthermore, someone could be charged with both attempt and the underlying offense. This might happen if, for example, a person attempts a robbery, is interrupted, but then later completes the act. Similarly, if a person is an accomplice or co-conspirator and attempts an act that is completed by the group, they might actually get in further trouble in Fairfax.

How do Indictments Work in Fairfax?

Indictment refers to the idea that the case has been presented to the circuit court or grand jury in Virginia. In the state, there are two main ways cases can start. They can start on a warrant of arrest or they can start on an indictment of the grand jury. It is not uncommon that the person may be held on some other charge—or may not even be held on anything, especially because of the complex nature of a robbery investigation.

The primary fact that will determine whether or not the person is indicted or arrested rests on whether they were caught in the act. If someone is caught during a robbery, it is much more common that they will be arrested, as they are considered a public safety issue concern.

If, however, a case is under investigation and the police want as complete a case as possible, the case may proceed by indictment. A well-practiced attorney could help to explain the nuances of how robbery charges can be handled in Fairfax.

Steps to Take After Being Accused of Robbery

There are numerous steps that should be considered by anyone facing robbery charges in Fairfax. For example, contacting an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after a charge—or after someone suspects they are under investigation—is often crucial.

If a person believes they might be under investigation in which there may be a search warrant for their phone—or if they are arrested and are sitting in jail—it is important to understand that the police could listen to all of their phone calls and have access to other personal information.

Furthermore, in Virginia, robbery cases are handled intensely and prosecuted aggressively. Because of this, having a well-versed lawyer is important, so that they might have the experience and comfort level needed to provide a suitable defense.

Legal Counsel After Facing Fairfax Robbery Charges

If you are facing Fairfax robbery charges, it might be beneficial to reach out to an experienced lawyer for help. When contacting an attorney, you should have as much information as possible available. This might include your full name, the date and the location of the alleged incident, and the name of any alleged co-conspirators.

By consulting an attorney as soon as possible, you could have help with each step. To begin discussing your case, reach out to a legal professional today.

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