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Decriminalization of Drug Possession in Fairfax

Decriminalization is the act of lessening criminal penalties associated with certain acts. It is a phrase most often used in the context of cannabis. Many localities throughout the nation are decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana and various cannabis oils and byproducts. As the nation continues to normalize marijuana use, more and more people feel that is a substance which is taken less seriously by law enforcement and prosecutors. However, the decriminalization of drug possession in Fairfax is a gradual process, and individuals should be mindful of that.

If you have been charged with marijuana possession or use, contact a seasoned drug attorney immediately. A qualified lawyer could help minimize or dismiss the charges that have been brought against you. Dealing with such a charge can be overwhelming, you deserve to work with a team who is dedicated to defending you freedom.

Common Misconceptions About Decriminalization

Due to the fact that decriminalization is rapidly spreading many people have a misconception that law enforcement is not taking marijuana possession, use, or distribution as seriously as with other drugs. However, federal law still classifies marijuana as a schedule one substance, similar to heroine, ecstasy, and LSD; which are some of the most illegal drugs.

Decriminalization Laws in Fairfax

The decriminalization of drug possession in Fairfax is limited. Individuals should be aware that marijuana and all of its byproducts are still illegal in Fairfax. Possession, use, or distribution of marijuana related substance can still result in prosecution.

Can You Be Certified to Use Marijuana?

On July 1, 2018, the decriminalization of drug possession in Fairfax progressed marginally. The county allowed for possession of certain cannabis products so long as they are approved for medical use. Several individuals find that medical marijuana helps them treat or relieve certain diseases or conditions. Individuals with cancer, mental illnesses, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and other types of ailments have been known to use marijuana or its byproducts for its therapeutic effects.

In these circumstances, it is not uncommon for individuals to have some sort of certification from their doctor allowing them to use marijuana. If an individual is charged with marijuana use or possession but has a certificate from their medical practitioner indicating that they can use marijuana, their case could be dismissed. When it comes to such cases, either they are dismissed, or an individual is convicted. There is rarely any room to lessen a sentence.

Contacting a Fairfax Drug Possession Attorney

If you have been charged with possession, use, or distribution of marijuana or any of its byproducts; contact a drug possesion attorney immediately. Marijuana is still largely viewed by the prosecution and by law enforcement as a dangerous substance. The decriminalization of drug possession in Fairfax is slow moving.

A conviction of marijuana in Fairfax can result in an individual having to serve time in jail, and having to pay a fine, in addition to other penalties. A qualified lawyer could examine the charges that have been brought against you, find weaknesses in the prosecutions case, and look for ways to either minimize the charges, or have them dismissed completely.

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