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Fairfax Drug Penalties

In Fairfax, the laws are harsh against drug offenses and may be classified as felonies and potentially carry a maximum prison term of 10 years for simple possession. These charges could stem from multiple outlets of drug offenses, including drug possession. A drug possession charge could include all controlled substances from schedule one drugs to marijuana, and prescription drugs as well. Contact a capable drug attorney, who could mitigate the Fairfax drug penalties that you face.

Factors That May Weight Into Fairfax Drug Consequences

Factors that may influence how harsh a drug penalty is in Fairfax include:

  • Quantity or weight of the substance
  • Schedule that the drug is listed on
  • Circumstances of the offense
  • Prior criminal history
  • Location of the offense

If somebody is found guilty of possession of a schedule one or schedule two drug in Fairfax, it may lead to a potential felony conviction on their record. This could carry serious consequences, some of which may include jail time.

First Time Offenses Versus Secondary Offenses

The potential penalties that could occur from a drug offense are technically the same, however, Virginia does offer a first offender program. For first offenders, if the person is charged with possession of a controlled substance for the first time, they could be eligible for this program. A dedicated drug attorney could help to fight for their defendant to be apart of a program like this, in order to avoid serious penalties.

A person may have the option of having their conviction deferred and eventually dismissed if they comply with all the terms of the first offender program, which could require up to a year of drug treatment and supervised probation. Even if the first offender program fails, a person may face less jail time. If the person is found guilty, they may be convicted of a felony and could expect a higher sentence than they received for their first conviction.

Becoming Familiar With Potential Consequences

A way to become familiar with potential penalties for drug offenses in Fairfax may be to consult with an attorney, especially a local criminal defense attorney who may have experience in defending against these charges. The penalties are listed in the Code of Virginia in Chapter 18.2, which is available online and in local law libraries. Some potential consequences include:

  • Jail time of up to 30 years
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Felony conviction

All of these Fairfax drug penalties may be made in addition to each other, depending on the alleged offense, and therefore could be decreed to be served consecutively. Speaking with a dedicated attorney who may understand the complexity of these consequences, could be imperative for a drug case in Virginia.

Benefit of a Fairfax Drug Attorney

A local attorney experienced in defending against drug charges may be familiar with the laws regarding drug possession and distribution. They also may be familiar with the Fairfax courthouse personnel and law enforcement practices. A criminal defense attorney from Fairfax could help lessen the penalties associated with drug crimes by contesting the evidence, contesting possible constitutional rights violations, and negotiating with prosecutors during the pendency of the case. By reaching out to a seasoned attorney you may bolster your case and decrease your chances of receiving severe Fairfax drug penalties.

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