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Evidence in Fairfax Domestic Violence Cases

Someone charged with domestic violence is facing severe penalties and other consequences. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, you may want to consult with an accomplished attorney who is experienced in collecting evidence in Fairfax domestic violence cases. A dedicated domestic violence lawyer will investigate all the facts of the case to ensure that you are getting the defense you need. Call today to schedule a consultation with a legal professional.

Throwing Out Witness Testimonies

Witness testimony is very important to any case, but especially cases that involve domestic violence. Depending on the situation, a defendant’s lawyer could work to get a witness testimony thrown out. It may be important to try to limit testimony that could be unfavorable to the defendant. Also, the defense attorney will need to be prepared to cross-examine a witness.

Evidence to Help the Defendant

The type of evidence in Fairfax domestic violence cases varies as each case is unique. In some cases, there may be witnesses that need to be tracked down, interviewed, and potentially subpoenaed for court. Other cases, may have technical evidence, such as emails, text messages, video, and audio. All of these things may be available as evidence in a case. In other cases, evidence may be a matter of shinning a light on the positive things the defendant has done. An attorney wants to show letters of recommendation, counselor records, and community service the defendant has completed.

Getting Evidence Dismissed

There is a variety of avenues in which a defense attorney will use their training and experience to try and limit the evidence against the defendant. This includes objections, filed motions, and other arguments the lawyer can make. An attorney could object during the trial period about certain types of evidence.

It is common for a defense to file a motion regarding evidence. The most common motion that limits evidence is known as a motion to suppress. A motion to suppress comes before an objection. The defense may want to take the first step in trying to limit evidence through a motion to suppress. In Virginia, district courts motion to suppress may be filed in advance of the trial date or they may be made orally in the pretrial process. A motion to suppress generally deals with constitutional issues and allows a party to limit the types of evidence that can be presented before making objections. Getting evidence dismissed could be essential to mitigating the domestic violence penalties the individual is facing.

How a Domestic Violence Attorney in Fairfax Could Help

There are numerous reasons why someone charged with the crime of domestic violence will want to contact an experienced Fairfax domestic violence attorney. These reasons include everything from understanding what their options may be, knowing what their rights are and how their rights may have been violated during the case, understanding how those violations of rights may impact their case, understanding what penalties they may be facing, and knowing how evidence is gathered and how it is presented at trial.

A seasoned attorney is familiar with the local jurisdiction, what the defendant’s options are, and how to best assist the defendant. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you may want to obtain a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the evidence in Fairfax domestic violence cases.

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