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Child abuse has many potential consequences you face if convicted of abusing a child and engaging in this sort of domestic violence. It is a terrible crime when someone is wrongly accused of this type of domestic violence charge. There are many nuances which make child abuse laws in Virginia extremely complex.

Anyone who has been accused of abusing a child should contact an experienced Arlington child abuse attorney who is well-versed in these varying laws and has dealt with a variety of cases, knows how the law is enforced and understands how to achieve the best outcome for any client.

Child Abuse Classifications

Arlington does not have any specific laws regarding child abuse but it follows the Commonwealth of Virginia Code just like all other counties in Virginia. There are many different laws that fall under the classification of child abuse. The most common provisions are abuse and neglect of children or contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A child abuse lawyer in Arlington can help a person understand that there may be a wide variety of things that may occur as a result of being charged with parental child abuse. Virginia Code includes the potential of consideration of a class four felony, a class six felony, and a class one misdemeanor provision.

There are many potential criminal consequences associated with child abuse. The most common code sections involved are contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which will often be given a class one misdemeanor. Child abuse and neglect will most often be considered a class four felony offense.

What Happens After Child Abuse is Reported

A report of child abuse usually comes from a variety of sources. There is a mandatory duty to report child abuse, including neglect, given to medical providers, healthcare providers, child care providers, and other parties as named in the statute.

Investigations of child abuse can often come from these mandatory reporting requirements. If a child is in school and a teacher has reason to suspect that a child is an abused or neglected child, they are required to report that neglect to local or state social services agencies.

Often, family members will also be the ones to report child abuse. Sometimes, the family members involved in civil disagreements may report child abuse for the wrong reasons. However, once a report in child abuse is made, the police officers who are trained in handling child abuse cases begin the investigation. An Arlington child abuse defense lawyer can help prove your innocence in a false accusation.

Criminal Case vs. Civil Case

It depends on what type of civil case is involved, but often, a conviction for a child abuse case has a significant impact on a custody investigation or a case involving a divorce. Typically, a civil case does not have any impact on the criminal case unless it can be proven the criminal case was generated to try to gain leverage in a civil case.

Often, a person accused of child abuse can feel like they as though they are guilty just because they are accused, even if they have done nothing wrong. If you are wrongfully accused, it is crucial to contact an experienced Arlington child abuse attorney early in the case to protect evidence and defend your rights.

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