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Title IX provides protections to students who attend any federally funded educational institution. This group of laws prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at any school.

While these laws typically impact the schools and their administration, the students themselves can also feel negative effects from these statutes. Because schools must take steps to prevent discrimination, they may act to punish students who cause this discrimination to occur. This reaction is common in incidents allegedly involving criminal activity directed against another student because of their sex.

An Arlington Title IX lawyer may be able to help you if you are facing a school investigation because of alleged actions taken against another student. A steadfast attorney can help to defend your ability to continue your education. In addition, if these supposed violations involve criminal accusations, an attorney could help to defend your freedoms in court.

What is Title IX?

Congress enacted Title IX as an extension of the federal education laws. In short, these laws prohibit any form of discrimination in education based upon a student’s sex. As a result, a school’s allocation of funds, their available programs, and even their admissions cannot be discriminatory.

More recent legal developments also require these schools to prevent discrimination in an indirect way. Schools are now required by law to investigate any harassment or violence against their students based upon that student’s sex. This can have an immense impact upon a student’s educational future. An Arlington Title IX lawyer could help students to better understand Title IX’s role in their case.

What to Do When Facing Allegations of Title IX Violations

Colleges and universities have their students sign onto codes of conduct that regulate their behavior while members of the school. These codes prohibit any illegal activity or actions that negatively affect the lives of other students. One common justification for school investigations is supposed violations of a student’s Title IX protections committed by fellow students.

A school may accuse a student of harassing, bothering, or otherwise affecting another’s educational experience because of the alleged target’s sex. This can impact men as well as women. Schools do not need to wait for police to intervene and can act independently of any criminal investigation.

The resulting investigations can have a severe impact on a student’s educational future. If an investigation reveals Title IX violations, the school can act to rescind privileges, suspend a student, or even to enact an expulsion. An Arlington Title IX lawyer could help students to fight back against Title IX violation allegations at school.

Potential Criminal Penalties

It is essential to remember that schools have a duty to investigate alleged Title IX violations, even if they do not violate any Arlington laws. However, many of these allegations also fall under the parameters of criminal law. For example, a school may accuse a student of stalking another student and cite that alleged victim’s sex as a reason for this behavior. This activity is also potentially a violation of the Commonwealth’s criminal code.

An Arlington Title IX lawyer could also help students in criminal court. They can serve as a defendant’s attorney from arraignment through a resolution of the case. Any conviction is a serious matter that will create a criminal record even if a defendant avoids jail time. This could affect a person’s employability and housing options. It is vital that students act quickly to protect both their education and their freedom.

Let an Arlington Title IX Lawyer Fight for You

Schools have an obligation to create an educational experience that does not discriminate on the basis of sex. These Title IX laws also require schools to investigate any students who may negatively impact the lives of others because of their sex. The resulting investigations can seriously jeopardize your educational future.

In addition, many of these allegations may also bring criminal charges. Instances alleging violence or intimidation may violate the Commonwealth’s criminal code.

An Arlington Title IX lawyer could help you to fight back against these allegations in school and in court. Their goal is to help you to continue your education while aiming to defeat any criminal allegations. Act swiftly to protect your rights and contact an Arlington Title IX lawyer immediately.

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